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The Importance of Teacher Professional Development

Marty the robot entertaining primary children

Do you want to fill in a particular skill gap? Do you want to overcome barriers in your career path? Professional development – training and continued education, can transform careers

New Year Giveaway

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As the new year rolls in and you begin to prepare for the next semester of teaching, why not treat your classroom to new resources!


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STEM-Related Careers for Children

Is your child interested in pursuing a STEM career?

STEM, a term used to group together the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is a continuously evolving sector …

Robotical’s Helpful Guide to Sourcing Suitable STEM Funding

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Incorporating STEM activities into your school’s curriculum can provide extensive benefits to students, allowing them to gain a range of skills, including, but not limited to problem solving, teamwork and …

Back To School Giveaway

Can you believe that the start of the school year is right around the corner? Well do we have good news for you – we have your school essentials covered!…

Sensor Add-ons: Giving Marty a Sense of Real Life

Marty the Robots in line

Like all robots, Marty needs to sense the surrounding environment. Adding sensors to your Marty can help Marty to develop a clearer picture of the world, enabling Marty to make