CSEdWeek with Marty the Robot

We’re approaching one of our favourite times of the year…Computer Science Education Week! 

Through various activities and resources, CSEdWeek aims to promote equality in Computer Science, celebrate the contributions and achievements of students, educators and CS advocates and inspire K-12 students to discover the wonderful world of Computer Science.

History of CSEdWeek

CSEdWeek, observed during the week that includes December 9th, commemorates the birthday of the influential American computer scientist, Grace Hopper, born on December 9, 1906. Renowned for her groundbreaking contributions, Hopper pioneered the development of the first compiler for computer languages.

During World War II, she worked on classified projects and co-authored the user manual for MARK I, the first electromechanical computer in the U.S. Hopper’s legacy extends beyond her lifetime, influencing the landscape of computer science education.

Did you know?

Grace Hopper coined the term “debugging” after removing a moth from a computer! Since then, the term has become widely used in the field of computer science to describe the correction of software defects.

A picture of Grace Hopper working

The inaugural CSEdWeek in 2009, launched by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), aimed to enhance equality in K-12 Computer Science education. In 2013, Code.org introduced the “Hour of Code,” a global initiative during CSEdWeek, offering a one-hour introduction to computer science. This effort, designed to demystify coding and showcase its accessibility, has successfully reached over 100 million children across 180 countries through more than 45,000 events. Grace Hopper’s enduring impact resonates within the fabric of modern computer science education.

How to Get Involved

Hour of Code Logo

Hour of Code 2023

The theme for this years #HourofCode is “Creativity with AI”. Explore AI with Marty’s new Machine Learning capabilities, and interact with Marty like never before!

Why not join in the fun this Hour of Code week and challenge students to train Marty to interact to different images and sounds. Find out more here

BUILDING THE FUTURE: Robotical and Strawbees

To celebrate this years CSEdWeek and #HourofCode, we’re hosting a webinar with Strawbees and award winning educator, Allen Tsui.

Prepare to be inspired, learn, and connect with like-minded teachers and educators in this immersive STEM experience!

Even if you can’t attend our #HourofCode webinar, you can still get involved in CSEdWeek! Anyone can inspire students to study Computer Science and organize an Hour of Code! With a range of fun and engaging Marty activities to choose from, you can use Marty the Robot to capture and ignite students’ enthusiasm for the essential concepts of STEM and computer science.

So get coding today and don’t forget to get a copy of your Hour of Code certificate.

Use #CSEdWeek and tag @RoboticalLtd to let us know how you’re getting on!