Meet Marty

A real programmable robot with character!

Inspire learning

Marty the Robot is the best value-for-money humanoid robot on the market. In our experience, humanoid robots are the most exciting tool for making STEM learning engaging for all students. Marty is designed for educators and learners, is simple to use, incredibly robust and absolutely state of the art. And Marty can walk, dance and eyebrow-wiggle like no rolling robot can. Marty is equipped with a unique walking mechanism, with each individual limb controlled by a separate motor. This means Marty can turn, kick a ball and so much more, while also being more stable than other walking robots.

Marty comes with extensive technical support from our dedicated team, and an ever-growing set of curriculum-linked lessons and activities suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced coders.

Marty’s Features

Marty's Moves

A real walking robot!
Marty can walk, balance on one leg, sidestep, turn, dance, kick a ball and so much more


-Scratch Junior
-Screen-free coding
and more


-I2C with Marty custom add-ons

Key Features

-Lesson plans and educational resources included
-Speaker and fun noises
-LED disco lights add-ons
-Robust and classroom-ready


Nine independently controllable, metal geared smart servo motors

Included Sensors

-Motor position sensors
-Acceleration and tilt sensor
-Obstacle IR (Infrared) sensor
-Colour sensor for screen-free coding

Additional Sensors

-Distance sensor
-Noise sensor
-Light sensor


-Program from PC, Android & iOS devices
-Compatible with Raspberry Pi and micro:bit

Set-up time

Marty can be up and running in under two mins using our app

Battery and run time

-Rechargeable battery with inbuilt charger
-USB charging cable included
-Run time is 2-3 hours on a charge


-Extensive support from dedicated tech team
-1-to-1 professional training to increase confidence and get you up and running straight out of the box

Educational Resources

Online learning and teaching resources, including curriculum-linked lesson plans, video guides, tutorials, coding materials and more


Marty comes with an extensive library of educational resources. From lesson plans to curriculum mapping, you’ll find it all in our Learning Portal.

To get the most out of your Marty, go to our Knowledge Base for all the ‘how to’ user guides, articles and FAQs.

Funding & Grants

We know that many department budgets are tight right now – even more so during a pandemic. However, educational grants are still available at federal, regional and local levels, many from private organisations and charities. Applying for grants can be daunting and scary, so we put together a 10-step guide to help you focus, hone your grant-writing skills and get noticed by those awarding the funds.


Are you looking for new STEM resources for your classroom? Robotical is loaning Marty the Robot to schools for no-obligation, two-week trials.