Hello, I'm Marty!

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Pre-order the all-New Marty v2 Now!

Marty v2 has been redesigned from the ground-up to be easier to use, stronger, and with great new features including bluetooth, sound & voice, and exciting add-ons

You can also now get the much-requested Disco Marty and Grabbing-Hand Marty add-on packs too!

Marty v2 is now available to pre-order, for delivery in June 2020.

Pre-order Marty v2 now for a big discount!  

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A Clever Little 'Bot

WiFi Connected
Program in Scratch
Program Marty in Python
9 Servo Motors
Motor Current Sensing
Detect Obstacles with Bump Switches
Raspberry Pi Compatible
Customise Marty with Stickers

Marty is a proper Walking Robot with Legs & Feet — With 9 Servo Motors and a handful of built-in sensors, Marty has a much more interesting way of moving than just rolling around!

Hold up! More on the way!