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Marty the Robot

Marty is a fully programmable, WiFi enabled walking robot for kids, makers, educators, and for anybody who just wants a cute but very real robot.

Marty can be programmed by beginners using Scratch, a popular drag-and-drop programming languaged used by schools and teachers worldwide. Marty's abilities don't just stop there, as you can also use Python, JavaScript and even ROS, the University-grade Robotics Operating System to make your Marty do.

For those that love embedded electronics, you can add a RaspberryPi to Marty's head and have yourself an autonomous robot, or throw in an Arduino instead of a Pi. Basically, any embedded board that speaks Serial/UART can be used!

Marty makes learning about programming, electronics, and mechanical engineering a fun, challenging and engaging process. He is designed to be customisable with 3D printed parts, and is also completely upgradeable. There are also Creative-Commons licensed 3D Printable Marty parts available to download if you want to print a Marty instead!

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Build, Play & Program

Put the kit together — No soldering or special tools required!
Remote control over WiFi and through apps like Scratch

Simple, yet sophisticated. For anyone that likes or wants to learn Robotics


Tinker, 3D Print & Expand

Start in Scratch, improve and then progress on up to Python, C++.
Expand your knowledge and customise your Robot!

Open Source Friendly, with integration into ROS. Add sensors or a Raspberry Pi


Learn Code & Robotics

Useful for a range of lessons across many levels.
Learn & Teach Mechanics, Electronics and Cmputer Science. Available in class packs at a discount rate