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Let’s Celebrate Earth Day

Two Marty the robots holding the world

What is Earth Day?


Celebrated globally, Earth Day is an annual event, dedicated to honouring the environmental movement and building awareness about the numerous environmental challenges our planet faces.

5 Activities to Celebrate RoboWeek 2022

Marty the robot pyramid with bottom left robot holding a sign saying "Robo Week"

April 2nd marks the start of National Robotics Week (RoboWeek)! An action-packed 9 days, perfect for inspiring the next generation of roboticists, programmers and other STEM professionals.

Why is Robotics

The Importance of Teacher Professional Development

Do you want to fill in a particular skill gap? Do you want to overcome barriers in your career path? Professional development – training and continued education, can transform careers

Jump into CSEdWeek with Marty the Robot

We’re approaching one of our favourite times of the year…no not Christmas…Computer Science Education Week! Whilst we do love a bit of Christmas cheer at Robotical, CSEdWeek is the real

Robotical’s Helpful Guide to Sourcing Suitable STEM Funding

Incorporating STEM activities into your school’s curriculum can provide extensive benefits to students, allowing them to gain a range of skills, including, but not limited to problem solving, teamwork and …

Sensor Add-ons: Giving Marty a Sense of Real Life

Like all robots, Marty needs to sense the surrounding environment. Adding sensors to your Marty can help Marty to develop a clearer picture of the world, enabling Marty to make

What is Block-Based Coding?

Block-based coding is an entry level activity which allows learners to develop computational thinking. By dragging and dropping “blocks,” beginners are introduced to programming through a simpler approach: visually instead …

Celebrate Scratch Day with our Favourite Marty & Scratch Projects

Scratch Day is a worldwide network of events to celebrate Scratch and this year it falls on the 11th May. So far, there are 676 events that have been registered …


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