The Global Marty Challenge

We’re delighted to share the winning entries of the very first Global Marty Challenge! 

The challenge was designed in collaboration with Prister to inspire creativity and spark imaginations in students across Hong Kong, the USA and the UK. 

Teams were challenged to work collaboratively in teams to choreograph a dance for their Martys to their choice of music. Students then presented their code, and were scored on their creativity, presentations skills and quality of their code. 

Global Marty Challenge with Prister

Our CEO, Dr. Sandy Enoch, served as a member of the judging panel for the Global Marty Challenge and was truly impressed by the creativity, innovations, and outstanding work showcased by all the groups. Selecting winners for each category proved to be a challenging task, but after careful consideration, the judging panel managed to recognize the following groups from each category!

Primary / Elementary Group using MartyBlocks (Scratch
Junior High Group using MartyBlocks(Scratch)
Junior High Group using Python

Primary / Elementary Group using MartyBlocks (Scratch)

The Invincible Star team from Kowloon Bay St. John the Baptist Catholic Primary School

Sandy said “Really fantastic presentation video. The code is split into sections, and within the sections there is a block of code for each Marty, often arranged to be related to the physical position of the Martys, which is a nice touch. The robots are dancing very nicely together in synchrony, with the staggered movements being very effective in the dance routine. The video of the dance routine is exceptionally well made.”

Junior High Group using MartyBlocks (Scratch):

i7a from Marymount Secondary School

Sandy said “Fantastically well choreographed routine, with a very well made video. The custom movements are excellent, and very suited to the song. Presentation is also excellent and well paced.”

Junior High Group using Python: 

Lum1nary from Marymount Secondary School

Sandy said “Fantastic final result, the dance routine itself and the presentation of it with costumes and lights is fantastic. Differing but synchronised dances between the three robots are great, and the custom moves are very nice. The Marty falling over at the end is very funny.”

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