STEM-Related Careers for Children

Is your child interested in pursuing a STEM career?

STEM, a term used to group together the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is a continuously evolving sector with numerous job opportunities from entry level to senior roles.

The demand for STEM skills is growing. Studying STEM subjects can lead to a huge range of exciting career opportunities, equipping your child with important skills, to support many of the great challenges facing society today. From manufacturing an electric car to inventing a new hi-tech health scanner there are thousands of exciting and well-paid opportunities.

Given the broadness of the term, there are many different roles in a variety of sectors for your child to pursue should they chose career in STEM. To give you a hand in understanding your child’s options, we have put together a guide to some of the different areas, and jobs within each STEM area.




  • Dentist: For a rewarding career, bound to put a smile on your face, choose a career in dentistry. Dentists analyze and assess patients’ teeth and gums to ensure proper oral healthcare and wellness. After all, a good dentist never gets on your nerves 😉



  • Environmental scientist: Dreaming of a better world with clean seas, fresh air, zero deforestation? A world without global warming? Then a career which protects and preserves the natural environment could be for you. Environmental scientists use their knowledge of the natural sciences to protect and improve the world’s health.


  • Marine Biologist: Ever heard the saying “the best way to observe a fish is to become a fish”. Well, it’s true and a career in marine biology allows you to do just that! Marine biologists study and examine the ocean and aquatic life, from conducting species inventories to testing and monitoring sea creatures exposed to pollutants. This is a perfect role for any water baby.



  • Storm Chaser: Formally referred to as an atmospheric or space scientist. A storm chaser will collect data, conduct meteorological research and by “chasing storms” report tornados, hurricanes and other high-impact weather conditions to weather bureaus. Information vital for accurate weather forecasting and warnings.


  • Veterinarian: Are you an animal lover with a desire to make a difference? Veterinarians are “animal doctors”. They prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases in our furry (or not so furry) friends. Want a more unique career? Many veterinarians take a trip to the wild side and pursue careers with exotic animals or native wildlife species. So, if lions, tigers, and bears don’t frighten you, you could chat to them at the photocopier!




  • Robotics Engineer: Behind every great robot is a great robotics engineer. Robotics engineers use computer-aided design tools to design and develop robots. They are responsible for ensuring that the robotic machines operate safely and with precision. As a robotics engineer you could create your very own Marty the Robot or even a friend to join Marty on all his adventures!



  • Web Developer: You may know Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg as some of the wealthiest people in the world, but what else do they have in common? They are all started their careers as web developers! Web developers use code to design, build and create visually interesting home pages and user-friendly websites.


  • 3D Designer: Are you a gamer? Do you love action-packed games, such as Mario kart, FIFA or perhaps Minecraft? Well, how would you like to design your own video game? 3D designers create three-dimensional models, animations, and visual effects for various creative projects such as video games, films, and architecture.




  • Civil Engineer: If you’re looking for a creative career and think that creativity can only be found in the arts sector, you’d be wrong. Civil engineers plan, design, and oversee construction and maintenance of infrastructure. They must think outside the box, solve a wide range of challenges, and create innovative designs for roads, airports and much more.


  • Aerospace Engineer: Turn your dream into a reality and work for a real-life space agency like NASA. Aerospace Engineers are responsible for the development of aircraft and related technology. Ranging from aircrafts and helicopters to space vehicles or even missiles and weapons!


  • Music Recording Engineer: March to the beat of your own drum as a music recording engineer. Responsible for managing the recording session, recording engineers select recording equipment, decide on microphone type and work closely with musicians and producers to ensure sound is captured correctly.




  • Accountant: When you think of accountants, football, Gucci, and Hollywood may not be the first thing to come to mind. As an accountant you are responsible for providing financial advice to clients, meaning accounting positions are available in literally every type of organization! So, whether that means working in sports, fashion or the entertainment industry, you can combine your hobbies and work to find the perfect position for you. Picture this: “Accountant to the stars”.


  • Mathematician: Good with numbers? Love testing your math skills and acing that pop quiz? You may be destined to pursue a career as a mathematician! Mathematicians perform research, analyze data, and apply mathematical techniques to solve real-world problems.



  • Economist: Being an economist is about much more than simply analyzing numbers. Economists are financial experts who study market activity. By collecting and analyzing financial and socioeconomic data, economists can advise businesses and governments on strategic decisions and develop models for economic forecasting. Economists can create extensive opportunities to work with all types of data and a wide variety of firms!


  • Actuary: Actuaries use math to help businesses minimize financial risks. By investigating and interpreting the financial cost of risk and uncertainty, they help businesses develop strategies, alleviate risk and increase their chance of success.


This guide creates only a dent in the wide-ranging list of STEM jobs available! The full list of careers in STEM goes on and on.

Adventuring down the route of a STEM career can lead your child to some of the most exciting and wonderful jobs available. Get kids excited about STEM today, introduce them to Marty the Robot and check out our learning portal to find a range of useful lessons to improve their STEM skills necessary for the workforce of the future.