Teaching Social and Emotional Learning with Robotics

Students using Marty the Robot

When you consider social and emotional learning (SEL), robotics and computer science may not be the first subjects that come to mind. However, research demonstrates that computer science offers an interactive, practical method for students to develop and strengthen the essential interpersonal skills required to become resilient citizens, collaborative team members, and effective leaders.

Read on to find out how you can teach social and emotional learning with Marty the Robot and find our lessons on social and emotional learning here!

A close up showing Marty's different expressions

What is Social and Emotional Learning? 

Social and emotional learning is an educational approach that aims to develop emotional and social growth in students. At its heart, its goal is to help children become more aware of their feelings, manage them better, understand others, build strong relationships, and make wise choices. 

CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) is a prominent organization in this field, providing guidance and resources to educators to integrate SEL into school environments. CASEL’s framework emphasizes five core competencies:


– regulating and controling one’s emotions and reactions effectively.


– recognizing and understanding one’s own emotions and behaviors.

Social awareness

– empathizing with others and understanding their perspectives.

Relationship skills

– establishing and maintaining positive and meaningful connections with others.

Responsible Decision-Making

– making ethical and well-informed choices.

Essentially, it’s about teaching them essential life skills beyond academics, so they can be happier, more empathetic, and successful individuals.

Every time students embark on a robotics challenge, they’re not only tackling technical tasks but also developing vital social and emotional learning skills such as determination, teamwork, problem-solving, creative thinking, and cooperation.

How to teach Social and Emotional Learning with Marty the Robot:

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