The Importance of Teacher Professional Development

Do you want to fill in a particular skill gap? Do you want to overcome barriers in your career path? Professional development – training and continued education, can transform careers across all sectors, boosting skills and increasing potential!

Teaching is a never-ending process of development. Professional development gives educators an opportunity to master techniques to become better, more efficient workers. And is increasingly important in this fast-moving digital age! Robotical’s new Professional Development resource is perfect for all educators looking to gain support in teaching with technology.

While there are countless benefits of teacher professional development, here are a few of our favourites:

Professional Development Enhances Subject Knowledge

An educator is also a student; constantly refreshing knowledge and developing new skills. Have you ever struggled with outdated methods or information? Professional development will provide you with the latest knowledge, so you can stay up-to-date, refine teaching skills and meet digital world expectations.

So stay in the loop and use professional development to master novel concepts. There is always more to learn and new skills to attain, after all, educators are lifelong learners!

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Three students learning with Marty the robot

And Supports Student Achievement!

When teachers learn, their students learn too. Educators with access to professional learning opportunities are better equipped to make a positive change in the classroom.

Through professional development, educators will learn novel teaching mechanisms and styles. Ideal for exciting students and grasping their attention, at the same time as supporting their academic and extra-curricular attainment.

Professional Development Encourages Collaboration 

Brainstorming is critical to teaching and learning environments. When teachers come together for professional learning, it becomes easier to pose questions, share ideas, resources and techniques. The formal and informal sharing can keep your team focused on continuous improvement and create responsive, innovative environments.

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Helps Overcome Barriers

During professional development, you will learn how to overcome challenges, remove barriers and gain the necessary support to improve and progress in the classroom.

Whether your planning on introducing a new classroom robot (like Marty!) or teaching STEM to a new year group. Development courses will provide you with achievable steps and tools to help you grow confidence in your field.

And Can Even Boost Your Teaching Career!

Professional development and goal setting go hand-in-hand. Development opportunities provide educators the time to reflect, plan, prepare, and act; key activities to help move your career forward. Gaining a clear direction, building a vision, and setting achievable, measurable goals can motivate you to take the necessary steps to achieve your career ambitions.

What’s more, investing in professional development can provide you with increased career flexibility in the future! Completing professional development activities is a way of demonstrating willingness, career investment and your ability to learn and improve.

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Now you know the importance of professional development, why not check out Robotical’s professional development courses and boost your confidence with our virtual training!