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Debugging: How to keep bugs where they belong…in the garden

Frozen laptop screen and Marty the robot holding fly swatter

You’ve spent ages writing a brilliant piece of code, are excited to start running it, press ‘start’ and… nooooo – your code does something completely different or maybe doesn’t even …

Jump into CSEdWeek with Marty the Robot

We’re approaching one of our favourite times of the year…no not Christmas…Computer Science Education Week! Whilst we do love a bit of Christmas cheer at Robotical, CSEdWeek is the real

Introducing Marty Blocks Jr

Our first block-based coding program for children as young as five

What is MartyBlocks Jr?

Based on ScratchJr, we developed an introductory programming language which uses Marty the Robot to

Are Robot farmers the perfect “comrade” in the war against climate change?

Two robot arms gardening

The effects of climate change are far-reaching and have been felt by humans and every animal species across the world. The agricultural sector, as a whole, is particularly vulnerable to

Robots in the world of work

Which is the fastest-growing sector of the workforce? Baby boomers, millennials…? No, it’s robots. Workplace robots are featured in almost every sector of business; from fruit picking to brain …