Posted   —   № 9

I have really enjoyed my time at “Robotical” it has been a really good experience and I’m glad I met the lovely team of people who have included me and treated me like an equal. The people at Robotical are all so nice and welcoming and have gave me fun but useful projects during my work experience. I am very thankful that they were able to take me onboard and teach me somethings along the way. Although it’s a small team of 5 full time and 2 part time they get stuff done and to a very good standard as well and they all work to make Marty better and if there is anything wrong with your Marty or you need support then the team at Robotical is always there to help.

My main project was to get Scratch 3 up and running with Marty, whilst also introducing a MicroBit into my code. I programmed Marty to walk and respond to the sensors in the MicroBit. I want to use the LED grid, accelerometer and buttons on the MicroBit to act as a remote controller for Marty. When you tilted the MicroBit forward Marty would walk forward and when you tilted to the side Marty will side step. The MicroBit could also tell you the battery voltage by displaying the text “Full” or “Dead” using the LED grid. I really enjoyed this project and I can’t wait until January for the full release of Scratch 3 so I can work on it more.

During my placement I’ve built multiple Marty’s and done so many things like program Marty with scratch and use bump switches, so Marty knows when to turn around if he hits something. It was always a good thing knowing that I would be in such a good and relaxing place the next day. It’s also a great environment to work in and with an open plan desk space it makes it feel like it’s not just somewhere where people can work but it’s where they can help each other do the best they can.

Well If they ever needed it I would be happy to help them again because it truly has been an amazing experience and I hope I might be a part of Robotical later in life. It’s been so good I really hope I’ll get to see everyone again soon.

Nick Carter