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We’re looking forward to the release of Scratch 3 that’s planned for early 2019. Scratch 3 brings better extension support, and a more modern experience that plays nicely with phones and tablets

Update 27th Nov 2018

We've fixed a couple of the original issues with the extension, and added some newfeatures:

  • You can now manually connect to Marty by IP address
  • You can add ?marty_ip=... to the Scratch 3 URL to provide a different default IP address range to scan

The Scratch 3 beta above works with all Martys young and old, but beware it is still very much in-development and will be rough around the edges! Also as we’re still working on it, it is subject to change or breaking at any time - so please do let us know if there are things we can improve! We’ll be pushing the occasional update to our Marty extension until it is stable and running well.

Loading Scratch

To get started, open up the Scratch 3 interface in a web browser (Internet Explorer is not supported).

Click Try It and then open the extension using the + button bottom left. You’ll see the Marty extension come up, alongside a couple of others.

Open the Extensions Window
Loading the "Marty the Robot" extension

Click on the Marty the Robot extension to load it. Scratch will now scan your network for Martys and show a list of available robots.

Scanning for Martys...
Found a Marty!

Click Connect.

Then, just click the cross in the top right to go back to the main Scratch 3 interface.

Connected to a Marty

You’ll see a bunch of Marty blocks have appeared at the bottom of the list - You can now use Scratch 3 in the same way as Scratch 2!

Using blocks

Alternatively, you can Connect Manually if the scanner can’t find your Marty, or if you already know its IP address.

Click the button, then simply enter the IP:

manually Connect, showing example IP

This is particularly useful for Command Hubs which have a default IP range of rather than the more common

You can also override the scan y providing the IP directly with the marty_ip query parameter in the URL, for example:

The source-code for our Scratch 3 extension is on GitHub:

We’d love to hear and see how you get on, so please do let us know below of via our usual support channels!

Update 2018-09-25
Blocking mode toggle has been introduced, mimmicking default Marty Scratch 2 behaviour
Update 2018-11-27
The Connect Manually button and ?marty_ip=... GET query parameter where added


We're talking about this article on the Forum:

Scratch3 Beta Feedback

See the Beta here

We'll be pushing periodic updates to it before release, so if something doesn't quit work right just check back again later. Please let us know if you've found anything broken, have suggestions for us or even the main Scratch 3 developers!

Scratch3 is currently slated for an early January 2019 release.

Source for Scratch 3 is on our GitHub

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