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Hey there! This is new and exciting for us here at Robotical - we’ve just pushed an update to our shopfront and with it 6 new products!

Marty Command Hub

The Command Hub is a Raspberry Pi 3 configured out of the box to run a WiFi hotspot which will let you connect Marty, or Martys, to it and then use the locally installed ScratchX Server to program the robot. The Hub is a neat little solution for those that would otherwise struggle to get Marty on their WiFi network at School.

Marty Hardware and Fixings Kit

This is all the nuts, bolts and screws you’d need if you 3D Print your own Marty, or if you just want (a lot of) spares!

Raspberry Pi Camera and Marty Camera Mount Bundle

This is a Raspberry Pi Camera Module (Version 2) with a 3D Printed mount that’ll make attaching it to Marty’s head a breeze! You can use this for all kinds of cool stuff by giving Marty vision, like playing football

We’ve had this available as a 3D Print download for a while, but we’re now also stocking a small number of the head mounts with the official RPi Camera to make it even simpler to get going with crazy robot football or world domination!

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

We’re also (finally) now carrying Raspberry Pis! For those that don’t already know, you can add a Raspberry Pi to Marty’s head for a major brain upgrade! See also below:

Kingston 16GB Micro SD Card

This Micro SD Card can be used in a Pi or basically anywhere you need one - just note that it doesn’t come pre-flashed with an Operating System

USB to 9V 2.1mm Barrel Jack Boost Power Cable

This handy USB to 9V cable is the same one we bundle with Marty, and it can be used as a charger with Rick, an Arduino or anywhere 9V from a 2.1mm jack is needed.

— That's all for now!