Let’s Celebrate Earth Day

What is Earth Day?


Celebrated globally, Earth Day is an annual event, dedicated to honouring the environmental movement and building awareness about the numerous environmental challenges our planet faces.


What is the theme of Earth Day 2023? Take Action. Be a part of the green revolution. This Earth Day, we encourage everyone to ACT (boldly), INNOVATIVE (broadly) and IMPLEMENT (equitably).

When is Earth Day in 2023?


Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of April each year and in 2023 falls on a Saturday.

Mountain background with the words 'Invest in our planet. Act boldly. Innovate broadly. Implement equitably.

The History of Earth Day:


Imagine a time when corporations could dump toxic waste into a stream or when a factory could release deadly smoke into the air with no consequences. With little legislation or regulatory mechanisms in place, little could be done to protect our environment. With energy resources stretched, water pollution rising and harmful pesticides poising our soil, it was time for action.


Launched by Senator Gaylord Nelson and colleagues in April 1970, the first Earth Day saw millions of people around the world take to the streets to make a stand for environmental change and…it worked! Later in the year, the Environmental Protection Agency was formed.


Today, more than 1 billion people and over 190 countries come together to participate in Earth Day activities, making it the LARGEST civic observance in the world! The continued support of this remarkable event has led to numerous policy agreements, such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and many more!

Earth Day and Robotical:


Earth Day is a great opportunity to help educate children about the importance of taking good care of our planet. That’s why our education team has worked hard to produce some fantastic lessons and activities that introduce children to the ways we can help:


  • Did you know that the number of garbage trucks Americans fill annually would stretch halfway to the moon? Thrown in landfills, plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to decompose! By recycling your plastic bottle you can it a new life – repurposed as a bag, a chair or even a seat belt in a car! Teach children about the importance of recycling in our lessons: Marty Learns About Recycling and Marty Sorts the Recycling.


  • Not only is cycling a speedy way to move around the city, a way to improve health and wellbeing and a LOT cheaper than other modes of transport, but bicycles also produce zero emissions! And so, you head to the shops to pick up your favourite candy, guilt free… In our lesson, Marty Learns about Transport, children are introduced to the different emissions emitted by different modes of transport. Check it out!
Marty the robot recycling paper

Other Earth Day Activities:


Our friends at Twinkl have created a fantastic video on Earth Day resources. Check it out and let’s work together to help bring environmental awareness to the classroom!

And finally, are you looking to reduce your negative environmental impact? You can do so by making a few switches to your household cleaning routine, to make it more sustainable. Check out the guide to Sustainable Household Cleaning to find out more.


Happy Earth Day!