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Let’s Celebrate Earth Day

Two Marty the robots holding the world

What is Earth Day?


Celebrated globally, Earth Day is an annual event, dedicated to honouring the environmental movement and building awareness about the numerous environmental challenges our planet faces.

Marty the Robot takes gold at the BETT Awards 2022

Celebratory Marty the robot standing next to bett awards trophy

An opportunity to celebrate creativity and innovation in the world of EdTech, Bett hosted their 24th annual Bett Awards dinner last month.


After hundreds of submissions, the BETT Award

5 Activities to Celebrate RoboWeek 2022

Marty the robot pyramid with bottom left robot holding a sign saying "Robo Week"

April 2nd marks the start of National Robotics Week (RoboWeek)! An action-packed 9 days, perfect for inspiring the next generation of roboticists, programmers and other STEM professionals.

Why is Robotics

The Importance of Teacher Professional Development

Do you want to fill in a particular skill gap? Do you want to overcome barriers in your career path? Professional development – training and continued education, can transform careers

Girls in STEAM: Creating a Gender-Inclusive Learning Environment

Despite the increasing demand for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & math) skills and graduates, student passion and enthusiasm for STEAM subjects is still incredibly low…and considerably lower for girls!

New Year Giveaway

As the new year rolls in and you begin to prepare for the next semester of teaching, why not treat your classroom to new resources!


In collaboration with Sumdog,

Debugging: How to keep bugs where they belong…in the garden

You’ve spent ages writing a brilliant piece of code, are excited to start running it, press ‘start’ and… nooooo – your code does something completely different or maybe doesn’t even …


Are you looking for new STEM resources for your classroom? Robotical are loaning Marty the Robot to schools for no-obligation, 2 week trials.