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Debugging: How to keep bugs where they belong…in the garden

You’ve spent ages writing a brilliant piece of code, are excited to start running it, press ‘start’ and… nooooo – your code does something completely different or maybe doesn’t even …

Learning Social Rules from a Social Robot

Traditional school settings can be demanding for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). From loud school bells to confusing social signals, these uncontrollable environments can create huge challenges for …

Terrified of Technology: Overcome your Fear of Classroom Technology

Halloween is fast approaching and I’m sure you know what that means…you’re in for a frightful week! Whilst we can’t stop the witches, ghosts or werewolves giving you a fright, …

What is Block-Based Coding?

Block-based coding is an entry level activity which allows learners to develop computational thinking. By dragging and dropping “blocks,” beginners are introduced to programming through a simpler approach: visually instead …

What is Computational Thinking?

The term, Computational Thinking, is being discussed and used a lot in education at the moment, but what does this actually mean and is it something that is worth trying …

3D printing in the classroom – An accessible way to engage your students

3D printing has grown from a niche hobby reserved for makers and technicians to a widely utilised tool to educate young people in becoming STEM leaders of the future.
When …

Bump Switches: Give Marty a Sense of Touch!

Bump Switch Basics:

What is a Bump Switch?

Bump switches (sometimes called snap-action switches or limit switches) give Marty the sense of “touch”. Like all switches, they are devices used


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