Marty Masters

Marty Masters is an educator ambassador program comprised of innovative and motivated STEM educators from around the world. The Masters will have the opportunity to network directly with the Robotical team, help with product development, and so much more!

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Are you a Marty Master?

Marty Masters is our exclusive community made up of enthusiastic, innovative and passionate educators who are driven by curiosity and looking to make a difference to STEM education and the Robotical educators community.

Are you an educator who loves…

  • Sharing honest feedback of triumphs and struggles
  • Getting creative and trying new products
  • Robotics, coding and all things STEM-related

We want to hear from you!

What you’ll do:

  • Attend an orientation to meet the other Marty Masters
  • Review and provide feedback on lessons and educational resources
  • Test pre-released products
  • Attend annual virtual meet-ups to provide overall feedback on business direction

What you’ll receive:

  • Access to an exclusive community of Marty Master educators
  • Access to early development products and educational resources
  • Direct access to collaborate with the Robotical team
  • An opportunity to influence business decisions and direction of travel
  • Free add-ons and sensors
  • Continued professional development and training
  • And the most important…free (and sustainable) Robotical swag! 

How to Apply?

Excited to become a Marty Master? We can’t wait to see your application!

1. Fill out the short form through the link below answering why you want to be a Marty Master and what you hope to get out of the program.

2. On the application, you will be expected to showcase how you use Marty with your students.

3. We will notify you by March 10 if you have successfully become part of the Marty Masters team! Good luck.

Applications are open now through Monday, February 27, 2023

Three students learning to code from Marty the Robot

Meet 2022 Marty Masters

Marty Master, Chris Butt

“I love being part of the Marty Masters Programme. It helps me build and shape my classroom by using the community of amazing educators to expand and develop an even stronger programme for my Students. By being part of a community, I’ve had the chance to connect, interact, and share ideas to make Marty an even better resource for students to use!”

-Chris Butt, Technology Teacher, Ontario Canada

Marty Master, Jami Shields

“I love being able to have such direct access to the Robotical team. I’ve been using Marty in my classroom pretty much since it was first introduced. I like that my recommendations are taken into consideration to make better products for teachers like me.”

-Jami Shields, 3rd Grade Math & Science Teacher, Texas USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Marty Masters do?

Marty Masters have the opportunity to collaborate with other Masters and directly with the Robotical team through virtual meet-ups and a dedicated Slack channel. They will have exclusive pre-launch access to new products and will stay up-to-date with their Marty the Robot knowledge.

Am I eligible to apply?

Applications are welcome from any educator with experience of teaching with Marty.

Is there a cost for the program?

There is no cost! All you need to do is submit a short application for the opportunity to become a Marty Master.

How long will I be a Marty Master?

If you are selected, you will become a Marty Master for 12 months.

Is this open globally?

Yes! We are accepting applications from educators far and wide.

Need to know more? Email us any time! Please reach out to and we’ll be back in touch.


Haven’t tried Marty yet? Robotical is loaning Marty the Robot to schools for no-obligation, two-week trials.