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2025/01/01 12:00:00

Robotical Cog provides an effective introduction to physical computing, a key element of contemporary technological education. By incorporating interactive inputs and outputs, even young students can immediately observe the effects of their code in the real world. This direct connection between coding and physical outcomes makes abstract concepts more tangible and engaging.

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Button Close Up
A gif showing each side of the Robotical Cog


Discover a world of fun and learning with Cog’s innovative features. 

  • Force-sensitive button
  • 13 multicolor LEDs

  • Advanced motion, tilt, proximity and rotation sensors

  • Built-in speaker

  • Expansion port

  • Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB-C connectivity

  • Powered by either 2x AA batteries or a USB cable

A hand holding the Robotical Cog

Coding Environments

Robotical Cog brings coding to life by offering students an interactive and engaging way to learn programming. Students can choose to code using junior or regular blocks, making it accessible for different skill levels. The platform provides the flexibility to save their work directly to their devices or to execute their code in real time, allowing for immediate feedback and experimentation. This hands-on approach not only makes learning to code fun but also helps solidify programming concepts through practical application.

Junior Block Coding

Junior block coding uses a visual interface with drag-and-drop blocks to represent programming concepts, making it accessible for young learners. This playful approach helps young learners focus on solving problems and thinking logically without worrying about complicated syntax. It sparks an early love for technology, boosts critical thinking, and sets the stage for more advanced coding adventures. With junior block coding, kids get to be creative and confident as they bring their ideas to life.

Junior Block Coding Environment

Block Coding

Block coding serves as a natural progression from junior block coding, offering a more nuanced and versatile approach. With a broader range of blocks at your students’ disposal, you can delve into more complex commands and functions, expanding their coding repertoire. This transition marks a significant step towards mastering coding fundamentals and preparing for more advanced programming languages. It bridges the gap between introductory concepts and the intricacies of advanced coding, providing learners with a solid foundation to tackle increasingly complex projects with confidence and skill.

Block Coding Icons


Robotical Cog Lights

Light Show

With Robotical Cog, students can program lights to flash in different patterns and colors. This teaches them loops, timing, and sequencing, offering a visually engaging way to grasp coding basics and physical computing principles.

Reaction Test

Using Robotical Cog, students can create a reaction test game that measures response times with sensors. This activity teaches conditional statements and timing functions, making coding interactive and fun.

Musical Instrument

Robotical Cog allows students to program a musical instrument that turns inputs into sounds. This creative activity combines art and technology, reinforcing input/output processing and variable manipulation.

Balance Game

Robotical Cog enables students to use sensors to detect tilt or movement, helping them learn about real-time data processing and feedback loops. It’s a dynamic introduction to sensor integration in coding.

PE Circuits Timer

With Robotical Cog, students can create a timer for exercise intervals, teaching them about timers, counters, and signal outputs. This links coding with practical, everyday applications.

Marty Controller

Using Robotical Cog to control a Marty robot helps students understand robotics and remote programming. They learn command sequences and sensor integration, seeing their code in action.

Simple Data Acquisition

Robotical Cog enables students to program systems that collect sensor data. This introduces them to data acquisition and processing, showing how coding can gather and analyze real-world information and laying a foundation for more advanced applications.

A hand holding the Robotical Cog

Pre-order now to enjoy an exclusive early bird discount and be among the first to experience the fun and excitement of Robotical Cog!