Elementary Education

Offering learning progression and aligning to your specific curriculum, Marty introduces foundation concepts and makes an instant connection with children.

Making a Connection

Marty has a unique personality that allows for an expressive little robot. Emotion by motion is possible because each ‘joint’ is individually controlled by specific motors. Marty’s friendly and relatable face helps young people engage with the activities and become more comfortable with technology.

From this, kids can take their first steps towards seeing robotics and technology as part of their future.


Introducing Foundation Concepts

Marty can help empower young learners to become more independent, as they explore how it works through a Build-Play-Learn ideology.

Having a physical tool means that abstract concepts can become relatable – children can immediately see the results of running their code through the movements and actions of Marty. Additionally, learning consolidation occurs because of the opportunities for regular, engaging practice.

What’s more, Marty introduces foundation concepts such as sequencing, storytelling, and the relationship between instructions and operations.

“Having something physical to move, away from a computer screen, helps kids better understand what happens when they input certain commands”

Jonathan Baxter, Deputy Headteacher, Flora Stevenson Primary School

Lesson Plans
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Our Learning Portal includes activities for all skill levels, allowing teachers to focus on facilitating learning experiences and reporting on progress, while students progress at a comfortable pace. Students can develop their creative thinking and problem solving skills, while learning important concepts across the curriculum: from computational thinking to mathematics, language arts and more.

All of our online lesson resources target benchmarks and outcomes from regional and national curricula.

Opportunities for reflection have been built into every learning resource. At the end of each lesson, students are encouraged to reflect on what they have learned.


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Progression as Simple
as 1, 2, 3

Marty was developed to support learning progression: beginners can program Marty to carry out simple sequences, while more advanced pupils can begin to plan blocks of code.

You can get started away from the screen with our color cards for screen-free, or uplugged, programming. The color sensor in Marty’s foot responds to the different colors on the cards by carrying out specific actions. With this resource, children can begin to explore the different kinds of movements that Marty is capable of and plan simple sequences.

Download the Marty the Robot V2 app to start using the built-in remote control, to see the results of basic input. From there, progress to working with MartyBlocks Jr or MartyBlocks (based on ScratchJr and Scratch), the best place to start for a friendly introduction to programming. It focuses on blocks of code that you can drag, drop and snap together to build a program. Combining these blocks, students can build basic to complex programs to bring their Marty to life. Scratch has been designed to help everyone take those first steps into programming by teaching basic sequencing and presenting programming as a list of basic instructions.

Curriculum Mapping

Marty and our lesson plans currently align to several global standards, but we aren’t done yet. We are continuously adding to our resource library and working to expand our educational offerings by linking it to more geographies. To see if we currently align to your curriculum’s standards, click to visit the Learning Portal. If we currently address your regional learning outcomes, you will be able to choose from several age groups for the learners with whom you work.

While exploring with Marty, learners are developing more than just their coding skills: young people are supported to become collaborators, creative thinkers, problem solvers and digital leaders for the future.


Are you looking for new STEM resources for your classroom? Robotical is loaning Marty the Robot to schools for no-obligation, two-week trials.