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Marty the Robot - Kit

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The programmable and customisable robot for kids, makers & educators

Marty is a fully programmable, WiFi enabled walking robot for kids, makers, educators, and for anybody who just wants a cute robot.

Marty makes learning about programming, electronics, and mechanical engineering a fun and engaging process. He is customisable with 3D printed parts, and is upgradeable - you can even add a Raspberry Pi computer and a camera!

Start coding in Scratch and progress to more advanced languages like Python or Javascript. Marty has 9 individually controllable motors and built in sensors including bump, tilt, acceleration and force.

This is a Marty kit, note that the build will be challenging for under 14s, and adult supervision is needed!

Marty is the mini walking robot that costs little but does a lot

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Meet Marty the Robot

Bring STEM to life!

What is Marty?

Marty is a real robot designed to help teach coding to kids, for the price of a smart toy. This Marty comes as a kit, so you'll get several hours of fun out of building a robot, and then countless hours playing and coding with your new walking robot companion.

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Marty is Wi-Fi enabled and with nine individually controllable servo motors. You can use our app to remote control Marty, and add a bunch of sensors to react to the environment — Marty can walk, turn, dance, even kick a football!

A simple scratch program for Marty
Scratch is friendly and easy to use

You can program Marty using Scratch, a beginner friendly coding language, and then advance on to Python, Javascript and even ROS.

Marty is supported by fun and engaging online tutorials and a fast-growing and inquisitive community. Every Marty the Robot comes with a 2 year warranty, and we're always here to support and help.

Marty the Robot makes learning about coding, electronics, and engineering a fun, challenging and engaging process. Designed to be customisable robot with 3D printed parts, Marty is also completely upgradeable — you can even add a Raspberry Pi and a camera to Marty's head!

The kit includes everything you need to build and program your very own Marty, including a screwdriver, rechargeable battery and USB charger.

A Clever Little 'Bot

WiFi Connected
Program in Scratch
Program Marty in Python
9 Servo Motors
Motor Current Sensing
Detect Obstacles with Bump Switches
Raspberry Pi Compatible
Customise Marty with Stickers

Who is Marty for?

Marty the Robot is for anyone, young or old that wants to learn how to code, and for teachers, educators, friends & family that want to help.

Marty in the Home

Build the kit together - everything you need is included. Start programming with Scratch, improve and progress on up to coding in Python, JavaScript and more.

Marty is a perfect creative gift that offers a lot to learn.

You can download and 3D print a Marty too, add sensors, and even uprade Marty to a Raspberry Pi Robot with a a camera, giving Marty advanced robotics capabilities.

All the same activities and lesson guides for Educators are available to everyone that buys a Marty.

Read more about Martys for Home
Activities for Marty   ·   3D Print a Marty

Marty for Educators

Marty is an engaging tool for bringing Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to life — and let's not forget arts and creativity too!

Teaching digital skills and coding is now a vital part of education. Adding a physical aspect like Marty helps engage learners that might have otherwise taken no interest in code.

Marty is a flexible learning tool that grows with your students: Marty can be used from ages 8 to 18+, introducting programming at KS2 level, up to University level courses.

Free Lesson Plans and activities are included to help you deliver a great experience with Marty. Our Education packs come with multiple Martys and equipment to help you get set up at school.

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Have a look at ways Marty can enrich your Classroom
Class Packs   ·   Robotical for Education   ·   Lesson Plans   ·   Case Studies

A Marty for Every Occasion

Kit or Pre-Built?  ·  More Martys?  ·  Class-pack extras?
We've got you covered:
Marty the Robot - Kit
This Product

Marty the Robot - Kit

Best for Home  

One Marty the Robot Kit
Fully Programmable
Battery and Charger included
Activities and Lesson Plans
Live Chat or Email Support
Marty Command Hub
Video Support & Training Calls
Multi-Marty Charger
Marty the Robot - Assembled
One Marty, Pre-assembled
Fully Programmable
Battery and Charger included
Activities and Lesson Plans
Live Chat or Email Support
Marty Command Hub
Video Support & Training Calls
Multi-Marty Charger
Marty Edu Pack - Assembled

Marty Edu Pack - Assembled

Best for Small Schools  

SKU 31
Marty Class Pack - 10 Assembled

Marty Class Pack - 10 Assembled

Best Value for Schools  

SKU 26

Featured Reviews

Rushil Shah COO at GoCode Academy
Marty has been a head turner with students! He works really well across all of the age groups at GoCode. The younger kids love his human features and are able to use Scratch to get up and running with Marty quickly. For the older kids they're able to explore coding in more detail by moving onto Python and see the physical connection between hardware and software. Rushil Shah
COO at GoCode Academy
Teaching with Marty at a Science Festival
Having something physical to move, away from a computer screen, helps kids better understand what happens when they input certain commands. It moves the lessons from theoretical to practical and lets you see the interaction between software and hardware. Marty is cute and engaging which makes it easy to introduce him in the classroom. But he also demonstrates how coding can be applied in the real world as he can interact with his surroundings. Jonathan Baxter
Deputy Head Teacher at The Flora Stevenson Primary School
Students building Marty
Playing and learning with Marty has been great fun, and it definitely has taught me a lot about engineering and computer programming which will help me in my future career. I definitely want to do engineering at university, and Marty has just made me more determined to make this happen. I have even taught Marty to feed my dog, so I'm wondering what other household chores he could help me with, maybe he could tidy my room or wash the dishes?! Iona
15 year old Student

Featured Press

The open-ended nature of the product allows children to be active developers rather than passive learners
HackSpace Mag
I really like the way it actually walks with legs and feet, most kids' robots just wheel around. Marty is awesome. A proper walking robot that can be programmed in a variety of languages. Tech Age Kids

Part toy, part DIY STEM project, Marty The Robot is a walking mini-bot that your young Anakin Skywalker can build from a kit. Depending on their age, they’ll pick up all kinds of science-y stuff about electronics, mechanics, and the basics of computer programming using languages like Scratch and Python. Fatherly
There’s no shortage of gadgets and smart toys designed to get kids involved in STEM, but Marty takes things to the next level. He’s a mini walking robot that’s fully programmable, Wi-Fi enabled and Raspberry Pi-compatible Digital Trends
Marty’s got a unique leg. That’s his defining feature! Each leg has three motors: one for moving forwards and backwards, one for side-to-side movement, and one for turning. This allows Marty to dance, walk, and turn. That’s cool, but I’m probably most hyped about Marty’s eyebrows. The Verge
Could radically alter how children learn about mechanics and computer programming The Scotsman
Sure there are a ton of other robots made for kids, but Marty is astonishingly special Simplebotics
Marty, a robot to help teach coding, has been hailed as one of the UK's most exciting spinouts The Daily Telegraph

The Engineer    BBC Live Lessons            

If you've got any questions about Marty please get in touch
or drop us a line at hello@robotical.io

More Info on Marty

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What's in the Box?!

A Marty kit comes with everything you need to build a walking robot, including a screwdriver. You'll get:

  • All the plastic parts to build a Marty - 54 parts
  • Servo motors. To make Marty move. You'll get four metal geared ones for the main drive motors, and five more standard motors for the leg twist, arm and eyebrow movements.
  • Screws. For screwing. And some spares in case you drop some.
  • Control board. To plug everything into and actually make Marty do stuff.
  • WiFi. Yep, that's on the control board.
  • Starter sensors. A couple of buttons/bump switches, an accelerometer for measuring tilt (and acceleration), current sensing to see how much work the motors are doing
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery, and battery charger
  • Software. For remote control, and for programming in languages including Scratch, Python and C++.
  • Instructions, although we have a lot of web based content!
  • A screwdriver, the only tool you'll need to build a Marty
What's special about the way Marty moves?

A new way to move

Marty has a unique leg design, which makes him easier to use than a traditional walking robot and prolongs battery life. Marty can walk, turn, dance, kick a ball, and - of course - bust out some funky dance moves!

Marty's legs are a bit different to a traditional walking robot. Each leg has three motors: one for forwards and backwards, one for side to side, and one for turning .

That's fewer motors than a traditional two legged walking robot, and makes Marty cheaper to make, easier to use, and use less energy to move around. The new design allows all kinds of movements, and gives Marty a bit of swagger!

A spring in the step. We use springs to help support Marty’s weight and reduce the amount of work the motors have to do. Marty can even stand on one leg even with all motors turned off!

How do I program Marty? What languages can I use?

Getting started programming Marty is incredibly easy.

To beginners we recommend starting in Scratch, a “graphical” language where programming is as simple as clicking and moving blocks. Scratch is aimed at ages from 9+ and widely used around the world.

You can make Marty interact with the environment by moving blocks around to read information from his sensors and sending commands back to his motors.

When you are ready to go into learning text-based programming, Marty makes the transition as easy as possible by providing the same kind of functions in Python too - except they're more powerful.

No previous knowledge of programming is required to program Marty, but if you know what you're doing you can jump in straight away using Python, C++, Javascript, C#, and many more programming languages!

Customising and 3D Printing

Your kit comes with everything you need to build a Marty, but if you have a 3D printer you can customise the parts! The plastic parts can be 3D printed, and the CAD files will be available.

So if you do have access to a 3D printer you can customise the designs as much as you like. The electronics on board also support additional sensors and motors.

For instance, you could make a four-legged Marty, a wheeled Marty, a bigger Marty, make arms with closable grippers - or anything else you can think of!

How is Marty compatible with the Raspberry Pi

Marty is built to hold a full size Raspberry Pi (a little credit card sized computer), so while it's not required to have one, you can add one and then you have a walking quad-core computer!

With a Raspberry Pi on the robot you can do things like vision processing all on-board for tracking a ball and playing football, or even detecting faces to make Marty communicate with your friends!

Adding a Raspberry Pi is very straightforward, as we provide you with a special cable for power and data connection, and a downloadable Raspbian image pre-configured to work with Marty!

Electronics and sensors

Marty's control electronics are custom made and designed to address a few of the issues we have with other control boards on the market. Based around a 180 MHz ARM Cortex M4 micro-controller, the board takes care of all Marty's low level functions, generating movements in real time, reading sensors, and connecting to WiFi.

As well as controlling Marty's servos, our control board also measures the electrical current being used by each servo. That means we can tell if a motor is being over-stressed and turn it off before it risks damaging itself.

The control boards also include:

  • An accelerometer for measuring tilt and acceleration.
  • A beeper for making noise.
  • WiFi module
  • Lots of ports for connecting additional sensors, motors, and circuit boards.
  • The control board is also designed to support a single board computer like a Raspberry Pi - providing a power and data link.
  • A battery charger
Getting serious with robotics

Marty is designed to be more than a pretty face. Multiple degree of freedom limbs make a robot that is interesting to control. With the capability to use sensors like motor current, accelerometers, force sensors, and even camera(s), you can get into some quite advanced topics in robotics. For example - movement generation, mapping, localisation, and high-level planning.

Right now you can program Marty in Scratch, Python, Javascript and C++, and there are APIs to simplify issuing commands and reading from sensors. We'll support more languages with time, with precedence given first to popular ones such as Java, C# and a few others more.

With a Raspberry Pi (or other single board computer) on board you can do your vision processing for a completely autonomous robot. With a Pi you can even run ROS, the Robot Operating System, on the robot - and we provide wrappers to make it easier to interface with the entirety of the robot software.

Marty's Tech Specs

Number of motors
  • 9 - six in the legs, one per arm, and one for the eyebrows
  • Includes four high torque metal geared servo motors and five plastic geared ones
  • Stickers included for quick customisation
  • Extra sensors/motors can be added
  • Easily expanded with an onboard Raspberry Pi, then add a camera, microphone, etc.
  • All parts are 3D printable, so you can fully customise them
  • 3-axis accelerometer - including tilt sensing
  • Motor current sensing - can tell how hard the joints are working, and detect interactions like you touching his arm
  • Two bump sensors included - can detect floor contact, feet hitting obstacles, or be used as inputs
  • Add a Raspberry Pi to be able to add camera and/or microphone
  • WiFi, Serial, i2c
  • All software is free and open source
  • Interfaces for Scratch, Python, Javascript
  • ROS (Robot Operating System) with Raspberry Pi
  • Takes 2-3 hours, moderately challenging. Adult supervision required if under 14
Multiple Robots
  • Get as many Martys as you want on the same WiFi network.
  • Good for classes, football, and synchronised dances
  • Onboard buzzer for beeping
Battery Life
  • Rechargeable 1400mAh Lithium battery and charger included
  • 1.5-2 hours on a charge
  • On board battery recharging using supplied USB cable

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