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Marty the Robot takes gold at the BETT Awards 2022

Celebratory Marty the robot standing next to bett awards trophy

An opportunity to celebrate creativity and innovation in the world of EdTech, Bett hosted their 24th annual Bett Awards dinner last month.


After hundreds of submissions, the BETT Award

Introducing Marty Blocks Jr

Our first block-based coding program for children as young as five

What is MartyBlocks Jr?

Based on ScratchJr, we developed an introductory programming language which uses Marty the Robot to

Sensor Add-ons: Giving Marty a Sense of Real Life

Like all robots, Marty needs to sense the surrounding environment. Adding sensors to your Marty can help Marty to develop a clearer picture of the world, enabling Marty to make

Scratch 3 – What Does it Mean for the Classroom?

Scratch is a widely used platform that encourages creativity through block-based programming. Students drag, drop and click blocks of coding instructions together to build up their program, allowing for a …

We Now Map to the Australian F-10 Curriculum

We might have mentioned that all of our learning resources map to benchmarks for both the Curriculum for Excellence for Scotland and the National Curriculum for England. Well, we have …

Scratch 3 – Micro:Bit and Marty

Earlier in the year, the Scratch team announced the release of the Scratch 3 beta. Quickly after, the team at Robotical developed our own Scratch 3 extension to bring Marty …


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