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A low cost walking robot
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Introducing Marty the Robot!

A fully programmable, customisable walking robot

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Marty's unique design reduces the cost of making a robot that can walk, turn, dance, kick a ball, and more.

Controllable from your phone, programmable over wi-fi out of the box, and easily expanded with a Raspberry Pi or Ardunio for ultimate flexibility.

Marty is the perfect robot for kids, educators and makers, to help learn about programming, electronics, mechanical design, 3D printing and robotics.

For Kids
  • Price of a smart toy, features of a real robot
  • Easy to build kit
  • Fun to play with, but grows with you
  • Get started by remote controlling Marty and downloading apps
  • Learn about robotics, programming, electronics, and more
For Makers
  • Unique design keeps cost down
  • All parts 3D printable
  • Community support and tutorials
  • Hackable and expandable
    • Works stand alone, or holds a Rasperry Pi, Beaglebone, Arduino...
    • Expandable hardware, electronics, and software
    • C++, Python, ROS inegration, Scratch libraries
For Educators
  • A teaching tool that won't break the bank
  • Useful for a range of lessons across many levels
  • Teach programming, mechanical design, electronics, 3D printing...
  • ... all the way to kinematics, image processing
  • Educational materials provided

How Marty Works


Put the kit together
No soldering or special tools required


Remote control over wifi
Download apps for more behaviours



Start in Scratch
Then move into languages like Python/C++


Programming? Electronics? Mechanics?

Follow your interest in robotics wherever it leads you, and see what you can build



WiFi Logo

Built-in Wifi

Control from your phone,
program from your computer,
connect to the world

Robot with optional arms and hat


Add sensors and outputs
Expansion hats and faceplates
Make your own parts

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi & Arduino compatible

Designed to hold a single board computer
Electronics work as standalone or alongside RPi
Also works with BeagleBones, Arduinos, and more

Hardware and Software App Store

3D printable part designs alongside the code to make them work. Get behaviours for your robot, add ons and upgrades. 3D print at home, or we'll print for you if you don't have a printer

The apps store makes it simple to download apps to get started, and to share what you make with the world

Robot App Store with 3D printable parts and software
Marty the robot kicking a ball

3D Printable

All Marty's plastic parts are 3D printable, and we'll make the design files available

Print spare parts, and make your own modifications and add-ons. Upload and download part designs using the app store

More than a toy

Simple yet sophisticated

From running demo behaviours and remote controlling; to creating programs in Scratch and making new movements; all the way to learning kinematics, image processing, and creating and printing your own parts - Marty can span from an easy introduction to robotics to a serious platform.

Add a camera, and you can even get him to play football!

Expandable hardware, optional camera, onboard PC and more
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