Meet Marty

A walking, talking, dancing, eyebrow-wiggling coding robot with a big personality!

Marty the Robot

Inspire learning

Marty integrates across various STEM disciplines, including engineering, mathematics, robotics and programming. As children engage with Marty, they develop a holistic understanding of these subjects, promoting interdisciplinary learning and encouraging them to think creatively across different domains. Marty can be used in group settings, promoting collaboration and communication skills among students.

Hear from teachers who have put Marty to the test by playing the video. 

Marty the Robot: Your Gateway to Learning Adventures

Marty comes with an extensive library of educational resources across the curriculum: from lesson plans to classroom-ready presentations, you’ll find it all in our Learning Portal.

With 40 languages, Marty serves as an exceptional language learning companion. Now, with machine learning capabilities, Marty takes children on an interactive journey into the realm of robotics. Dive into the empowering features of the sensor dashboard, offering aspiring coders a platform to deepen their understanding of coding principles and apply them with precision.

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Why did Albertville City Schools choose Marty the Robot rather than other STEM tools?

“We liked that the Martys were fun and colorful. Then we looked at the stages of learning: I liked how Marty started at a lower learning level for our Kinder students and then our Primary students could use MartyBlocks Jr – then the Elementary students would use MartyBlocks.”

Have you noticed an increase in students’ engagement in STEM subjects since the introduction of Marty?

“Our students love STEM! They love learning something new. Our SPED students were more engaged since Marty danced and played music. The students love to use Marty when they learn to block code. Marty offers so much more than most robots.”

– Spring Charles

District Technology Instructional Coach
Albertville City School System, Alabama

Educational Benefits of Humanoid Robots

There’s been a lot of research conducted that suggests humanoid robots (the ones that look and act like people) are great at engaging students of all ages and stages. Humanoid robots have been shown to help foster greater engagement from learners across a wide array of subjects in the curriculum. Having a human form has been proven to invoke a stronger connection and sense of ownership.

We’ve compiled a research paper that showcases the benefits of humanoid robots in education.

How Robotics Can Help with Social Emotional Learning

Research demonstrates that computer science offers an interactive, practical method for students to develop and strengthen the essential interpersonal skills required to become resilient citizens, collaborative team members, and effective leaders.

Every time students embark on a robotics challenge, they’re not only tackling technical tasks but also developing vital social and emotional learning skills such as determination, teamwork, problem-solving, creative thinking, and cooperation.


Are you looking for new STEM resources for your classroom? Robotical is loaning Marty the Robot to schools for no-obligation, two-week trials.