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python get_motor_current always 0.0

Posted 19:56:43, 29th December 2017   |   № 80

This code: for i in range(8): current = mymarty.get_motor_current(i) print("motor", i, current)

It always seems to return 0.0 for all motors: ('motor', 0, 0.0)

I'm getting a sensible value for get_battery_voltage()

I'm using python 2.7.9, Rick firmware version 1.0 (using get_firmware_version).

Can anyone confirm if they have this working?


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Problems with Raspberry Pi

Posted 18:08:48, 15th September 2017   |   № 54

This post is mainly to see if others are seeing similr problems - I'm going to be testing more to try to fix the problems below. I'm very familiar with Linux, use the Pi a lot and am programming stm32f4 devices as part of my work, so

I've started with the image at: https://cdn.robotical.io/public/raspberry-pi-img/robotical-pi.17.07.img.gz

I tried this with an older Pi with fill size SD, but it wouldn't fit in Marty - the micro SD ones is fine. For this reason I've not tried the oldest Pi versions,…

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Intermittent 'buzzy' noises

Posted 19:56:06, 28th July 2017   |   № 6

There are occasional noises from Marty, who is on and charging at the moment. I suspect this is reaction to the motion sensor - perhaps a note that this is normal would be a good idea.

If I'm wrong, then I'd welcome suggestions.


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Calibration on a different network address

Posted 19:54:02, 28th July 2017   |   № 5

Marty calibration scan assumes a class C address (192.168.0/24 in CIDR notation), hard coded in the javascript. The scan didn't work for me, nor did entering the IP address directly (the DHCP server allocated, but I sent the browser to then retried the calibration page and the ip address worked that time. I may get time to investigate further later, but this may help others.


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Build suggestions and hints

Posted 19:48:04, 28th July 2017   |   № 4

I've completed my Marty, and he's connected, calibrated and charging.

For the build I have a few suggestions for updated guidance.

Working over a smooth soft surface is a good idea to catch dropping parts. A clean tea towel is a good option, used in the football pitch so the edges would also help.

Put the nuts in the head before adding anything else!

The nuts that go into slots are easier to handle if the piece is held horizontal so they are held in place by gravity. A small blob of b…

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In response to Thread № 121 Direct Connect Beta Test Feedback

I use a portable wifi hotspot (actually a 3G wifi router) which allows me to have Marty and my laptop work where ever I am. However the dir…

Posted 21:16:44, 14th February 2019

In response to Thread № 122 Scratch3 Beta Feedback

Just experimenting with this. Seems a lot better and easier to start with than the older version.

One bug I've found is that adding batt…

Posted 21:12:40, 14th February 2019

In response to Thread № 97 All singing and dancing Marty

The docs are here: http://docs.robotical.io/hardware/specs/

The GPIO pins specs would be from the processor (STM32F446RE) data sheet: h…

Posted 20:20:42, 21st February 2018

In response to Thread № 96 Can't SSH to Raspberry Pi?

I suspect your network doesn't give the same domain info.

You may need to get the IP address of the Pi from your router, so if that was 1…

Posted 20:16:43, 21st February 2018

In response to Thread № 81 Analogue read on the gpio pins from Python or Scratch?

I wonder if the motor monitoring could be performed on one ADC handling multiple channels, and then the other ADCs being available for users…

Posted 20:50:03, 19th February 2018

In response to Thread № 54 Problems with Raspberry Pi

I've not been able to do more on this for a while - I'm possibly picking it back up next week. I was trying to get a camera to work first, …

Posted 20:33:17, 19th February 2018

In response to Thread № 74 Can't find "Marty Setup" network

I'm not sure exactly what the situation is as you say you've turned off all routers, but are then checking for connected devices on a router…

Posted 21:33:52, 29th December 2017

In response to Thread № 55 Web Remote Control - in beta

Very useful demonstration, and picked up Marty first time on a network.

Posted 20:34:15, 23rd September 2017

In response to Thread № 54 Problems with Raspberry Pi

I've not got the image set up for the older Pi yet, I'll try to find time to experiment a bit more this weekend.


Posted 14:18:54, 23rd September 2017

In response to Thread № 53 Can't find Marty to Calibrate

I've found pointing a browser to the service discovery url on marty has helped, you need o find the address in use first - for me it was 192…

Posted 17:43:42, 15th September 2017

In response to Thread № 5 Calibration on a different network address

There is a new feature that it possible to get the local IP address in html 5 - there's a simple example at http://net.ipcalf.com/ (view sou…

Posted 18:20:22, 31st July 2017

In response to Thread № 5 Calibration on a different network address

I've looked a bit further - perhaps it would be a good idea to put the scan network as an input field. I'm not sure if javascript can work …

Posted 14:48:28, 29th July 2017

In response to Thread № 7 Issues with calibration

You may want to double check the servos are correctly oriented, with the two legs the same apart from feet reversed. Using the controls the…

Posted 14:43:07, 29th July 2017

In response to Thread № 4 Build suggestions and hints

Another suggestion - test before putting stickers over screw for the right eye, that may need to be undone to adjust.

Posted 07:41:42, 29th July 2017