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SHH Problems with my Pi

Posted 07:59:48, 03rd May 2020   |   № 192

So i have been trying for the last three weeks to connect my RPI to my marty but everytime i do that the outcome is that it tells me that the Hostname is unknown. I also tried other methods like the one over home wifi but that only gives me a connection refused. Thx already.

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In response to Thread № 192 SHH Problems with my Pi

could it be possible that you maje the same thing using putty or cmd

Posted 09:32:14, 15th May 2020

In response to Thread № 122 Scratch3 Beta Feedback

so I finished Building my Marty and i connected him through my phone to my Wifi. Next i wanted to start of programming him on Scratch 3. As …

Posted 17:05:35, 25th December 2019