Secondary Education

Marty empowers independent learning by taking it off the screen and bringing it to life for middle and high school students

Bringing Learning Alive

Having a physical robot allows abstract concepts to become ‘real’ – you can see the results of running your code immediately through Marty’s movements and actions. Using a responsive tool like Marty, makes the challenges of explaining the logic and principles of coding and engineering easier to grasp.

Empower your students to progress independently on their learning journey as they explore how Marty works. By promoting problem solving and creative thinking, Marty can give an introduction to computer science, but also provide progression into more complicated text-based coding.

Computer science and digital technology educators can use Marty in the classroom to engage students in a range of programming opportunities. Teachers of other subjects will also find a variety of cross curricular resources, designed to enhance all learning experiences.

Marty supports students to develop STEAM skills such as computational thinking, technical design, collaboration, creative and critical thinking.

Lesson Plans
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Built with teachers in mind, our freely available resources will help you to deliver hands-on learning in the classroom. Students can develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills while also learning important concepts across the curriculum: from computing to robotics, mathematics, physics and more.

Marty’s lessons are created to allow all students to engage with objectives and achieve success criteria. We provide ideas to support or challenge a range of learners through an inquiry-based approach. Additionally, the resources we offer detail cross-curricular opportunities when planning for learning.

Our online lessons platform targets benchmarks and outcomes from global curricula, such as CSTA. We would be more than happy to chat about mapping our resources to your region’s curriculum.


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Learning Progression

You can start using Marty with MartyBlocks, a block-based coding language based on Scratch, that supports students to build working code with blocks that snap together to create sequences. Once they have mastered this, Marty makes it possible to advance learning with industry-level languages, like Python. You can program Marty in Python using a library we have developed called martypy.

By programming in languages like Python, students are able to control whole movements or individual motors, read sensors, and make up their own routines for Marty.

We believe in the power of keeping our platform open. To take your students’ learning to the next level, challenge them to build a fully autonomous robot using ROS (Robot Operating System) by connecting a Raspberry Pi and a camera. This gives Marty ‘vision’ and allows you to program Martys to play football (or soccer) completely by themselves!


Are you looking for new STEM resources for your classroom? Robotical is loaning Marty the Robot to schools for no-obligation, two-week trials.