Class Pack of 5 Disco Marty the Robot V2s + Classroom Extras

$2,495.00 ex VAT / Tax

The Disco Marty V2 enhances the experience of learning robotics and coding, making it both enjoyable and engaging. You can program Marty in languages ranging from simple blocks in Scratch to Python and beyond. Explore sensors and expand your robot with our freely accessible lesson plans and activities, catering to all skill levels on our Learning Portal.

In this Disco edition, students delve into the world of LEDs, adding a touch of sparkle to their Marty. LEDs on the eyes, arms and feet introduce a burst of color and light to Marty V2 robots!

Now, students can:

  • Turn Marty’s eyes into disco balls to accompany their Robo-boogie.
  • Put on their dancing shoes and add pizzazz to each step.
  • Transform Marty’s arms into multi-colored glowsticks.
  • Program different colors to serve as reactions.
  • Learn about the uses of LEDs and light.

This bundle includes 1 box of classroom extras.

What’s included in the pack:

  • 5 x Disco Marty the Robot V2, each with their own case
  • 1 charging cradle with 5 battery charging slots
  • 10 batteries (1 spare for each robot)
  • 1 distance sensor
  • 5 IR obstacle sensors, already installed
  • 5 color sensors (IR sensing built in), already installed
  • 5 color coding card packs for unplugged (or screen-free) coding
  • Premium colored programming tiles (box of 16)
  • Printed Educators Guide
  • Stickers to customize each robot