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Getting Started with Marty

1.   Building your Robot

You'll have the Build Instructions that came with your Robot as well as a Parts Lists to get you going, but we've also got a ton of additional content available here to help you along and get you started with programming. The Detailed Build Guide below has a bunch of tips and tricks to help make building Marty even easier.

Marty Build Guide v2

Posted 21st December 2017  —  № 13

2.   Connect to WiFi and Calibrate your Marty

You've got your robot put together - nice one!
Next we have to get your Marty connected to your WiFi and calibrated. Follow our handy guide and online tools to help:

Get Started with Marty v2

Posted 21st December 2017  —  № 14

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3.   What Next?

Now you've finished building Marty, there are a bunch of ways you can get stuck in programming Marty! Don't worry, we've got tutorials for both complete beginners and experienced pros.

This guide covers the behaviours of Marty, basically what the robot does when and (probably) why. Reading this will give you a good overview of the whole system.

Scratch is the simplest way to program a Marty if you're a complete beginner. It has a simple graphical interface and blocks you can combine to build up a program.

Python is a full-fledged programming language you can use to control Marty and develop more complex programs. This is an Introductory Tutorial for our Python Library.

You can build an all-in-one Robot by putting a Raspberry Pi in Marty's head. This allows control over the Serial Port directly with Rick. Both the Python library and ROS integrations support this mode of operation.

ROS, the Robot Operating System is an amazing set of serious Robotics tools used by industry and academia. We've got ROS libraries for Marty, and the ability to simulate Martys in Coppelia Robotics' V-REP simulator.

4.   Looking for some ideas?

Here are some example projects you can follow-along and do with your Marty

(Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. V-REP is a trademark of Coppelia Robotics GmbH/SARL/LLC)

  Getting Help

It's OK and a normal part of learning to get stuck. We've got a couple of resources to help you get unstuck, including our User Fourm, FAQs and Support channels.
You can chat with our support folks through the circular icon at the bottom right of every webpage, too.