two Foot Springs

Hi, I find that the Foot Springs are very easy to fall out of you just touch them. I can't see how in your description that the "clipped under the two plastic tabs, and that the bracket runs between the guides" can be pushed in ... as mine come out easily. Also, how do we get spares for these / what is the cost if we live in Melbourne, Australia?


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23parislau OP

Thanks for the quick reply. I understand your solution but I', not convinced that the springs will stay into place as I've successfully done exactly what you have written. There must be a better solution...... I'm going to the local hardware store to purchase a 'spring' and use pliers to make one similar to the original spring.

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angus STAFF

Hey there,

Firstly, as you've got one of our first batch Martys, there are some variations between your instructions and our new online guide (here), so check the Batch 1 Build Guide too.

You can make the springs stay in by gently bending them inwards, so that it locks in to the clips firmly, like so:

Foot Spring Squeeze illustration

We've had the springs custom made so they're not readily available to get for yourself, but if you really need some, contact support and we'll see what we can do.

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