Marty Scratch Fun - Shaking Hands!

Posted by sandy STAFF Marty Scratch - Shaking Hands

As a fun and fairly simple Scratch project, I've been programming Marty to shake hands!

This demonstrates few concepts - we have to move joints, show expressions - but to do it properly we also need to know whether somebody has grabbed Marty's hand - and for that we need to read the sensors!

It'll look a bit like this:

Getting started - handshake movements

There will be two main bits to this - moving and sensing. First off, let's sort out the movement bit!

The first bit of any handshake is to proffer a hand, so lets activate Marty and raise the right hand:

With the arm (and hand) raised, we need to actually shake hands. That'll mean moving the arm up and down multiple times. A rep...

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Calibration issue

Posted by AndyF

Hi folks,

I've been trying unsuccessfully to get Marty walking. When I go to the calibration stages, Marty does a severe lurch to the left and then ultimately falls over. When I zero the joints he does not stand straight. I've rebuilt him twice and checked he looks exactly like the pictures. I have a video of this happening but not sure how to send it to you!

Any thoughts?


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Can I use ROS Kinetic and Ubuntu Xenial 16.04?

Posted by thepakk

Dear Robotical,

I already installed Ubuntu Xenial 16.04. And now when I am going to install ROS, it says that for Ubuntu 16.04, I should install ROS kinetic. If I want to use ROS indigo, then I should change to Ubuntu Trusty 14.04.

Now, before I try to delete Ubuntu 16.04 and install Ubuntu 14.04, I want to check with you that in order to try ROS with Marty, I should only use ROS indigo, but not or never ROS kinetic.

Please kindly advise. Thank you very much. Best regards, Phuong

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Rick and Servos

Posted by Shugs

3d printed Marty is no longer a scarecrow, he has a brain, Rick has arrived.

Impressed with the contents, all that is needed (less battery), in particular with the inclusion of connector for Raspberry Pi.

Now for the Frankenstein moment, install Rick.

Thank you


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Ultrasonic sensor

Posted by Klauscon

Hi Team Robotical

Is it possible to connect a simple US sensor such as the HC-SR04 directly to the Rick board? Documentation on the pinouts seems a little sparse right now :)

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Eye servo burning out?

Posted by chris_greening

Went into calibrate and marty's eyebrows mashed together.

I managed to get the into the right location with the calibration tool, but the servo seems to get very hot and eventually failed.

I've replaced the servo with a new one and left the eye off so I could see what happens, on calibration the server span round lots of times and then also started getting very hot.

Any suggestions on why the eye serve is getting too hot? Everything else seems to be fine. I can get Marty to walk around nicely and move his arms no problem.

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Marty a little tired and confused in calibration walk forward

Posted by precociousmouse

Hey all! So Marty is complete, connected and calibrated. When I hit zero joints Marty stands to attention, but when I hit the walk forward button his lower leg joints rotate to the left and he falls over. Any thoughts?


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Switch internals for quick repair job

Posted by precociousmouse

Hey all, my switch pinged apart so I just wondered if anyone has a quick internals diagram so I can piece it back together?

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Printable parts

Posted by rhirata


Congratulations and thank you all for this nice Marty!

I am writing to ask you to update the STL files to the production ones. The downloadable version is really an old one: 0.1.



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Marty not visible via Wi-Fi

Posted by xan

I've turned Marty on and my impression is that he is operable. However I'm unable to connect him to Wi-Fi as he isn't visbile. I've tried using 2 laptops and a phone. He is connected via USB so I don't think power is an issue. Any suggestions?

I'm afraid the Wi-Fi didn't connect so it isn't setup so the link doesn't work.

Now used Bob the Builder to reset but same outcome see below:

Marty Setup Credentials Saved Trying to connect to network. If it fails reconnect to AP to try again

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Issues with calibration

Posted by Mnandrews

Hi Robotical,

So far the Marty experience has been great fun - we've managed to assemble and wire up marty. We are however having a real issue with calibration.

When entering the IP address marty goes crazy - normally with a repeating nervous twitch from the right leg - but has just done the splits. When trying to put him into the correct position, either by hand or with the +/- buttons. Marty either fights it, moves into position or goes into a random spasm. We've not yet been able to save the calibration ☹️.

I'm getting a little concerned that the joints or servos will get damaged so don't want to do too much more. But think the wiring is correct. Any help on how to get marty calibrated would be greatly appreciated as my kids want to get onto scratch!

Thanks Mark

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Intermittent 'buzzy' noises

Posted by mikeprotts

There are occasional noises from Marty, who is on and charging at the moment. I suspect this is reaction to the motion sensor - perhaps a note that this is normal would be a good idea.

If I'm wrong, then I'd welcome suggestions.


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Calibration on a different network address

Posted by mikeprotts

Marty calibration scan assumes a class C address (192.168.0/24 in CIDR notation), hard coded in the javascript. The scan didn't work for me, nor did entering the IP address directly (the DHCP server allocated, but I sent the browser to then retried the calibration page and the ip address worked that time. I may get time to investigate further later, but this may help others.


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Build suggestions and hints

Posted by mikeprotts

I've completed my Marty, and he's connected, calibrated and charging.

For the build I have a few suggestions for updated guidance.

Working over a smooth soft surface is a good idea to catch dropping parts. A clean tea towel is a good option, used in the football pitch so the edges would also help.

Put the nuts in the head before adding anything else!

The nuts that go into slots are easier to handle if the piece is held horizontal so they are held in place by gravity. A small blob of blutack or piece of masking tape can help hold parts in place and can then be easily removed.

Connecting the head to the legs. I loosely started the inside two nuts/bolts before attaching each leg, which made the inner connections much easier. The outer ones are quite straightforward.

It's a good idea to have some spares (thanks) and I would suggest that you state this clearly as otherwise some customers may wonder what they've missed when building.


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First experiences

Posted by aritc

Marty kit arrived yesterday and I enjoyed my evening building him. It took about four hours so I left getting him online and calibrated until the morning. There's an error in the Build Instructions on the left hand page diagram of the wiring (Build 6) - Right Arm and Right Hip are both marked as #3. However, you can see on right hand page that Right Arm is actually #7. Had a quick play with scratch this morning but unfortunately I now have to go to work (boo). Never mind, weekend is coming, plenty of time to have some fun.

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Adrafruit Board servo Control

Posted by makeprojects

Hi everyone from Spain,

We are very happy to see this great platform with a lot of content to use with Marty. We have 3 Early Martys printed for us, I would interested to know that if its possible to use Raspberry + Adafruit Board, instead Raspberry + Rick with new examples,scratch, etc. We bought 4 Adafruit boards and we don´t know if they´re going to work now with the new content.


Best Regards.

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Build Instructions

Posted by exartemarte

Good to know that Marty's on his way! Since he hasn't arrived yet I don't know how well the build instructions will work, but I have to say that the standard of presentation, and the artwork in particular, are impressive. Someone has obviously gone to a lot of trouble, and despite the delays I'm feeling very positive about the Marty Experience ...

(I have no connection with Robotical and this post wasn't solicited.)

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