US Funding Sources

Here you’ll find a collection of funding opportunities available to support STEM activities in your school, after school or STEM club.


Crowdfunding is a different way of securing funds for your STEAM project. Educators can list their project on crowdfunding sites and attract donations from large numbers of people.

Projects that are supported by crowdfunding are usually those which are creative and have a clear goal. Need some project inspiration? Check out our project ideas!

Adopt a Classroom

After registering for an account and creating a classroom fundraising page, schools can raise money for classroom materials from a large number of relatively small donations.



DoJiggy’s crowdfunding platform supports school fundraising initiatives through peer-to-peer donation. Any easy to use software for individual and team participants to collect and track donations and pledges for your school or PTO.


Donors Choose

This platform supports teachers on their mission to build futures, allowing educators to raise the necessary funds to purchase classroom supplies.



GalaBid’s free online platform supports fundraisers for clubs, schools and individuals and is built to maximise results for big and small fundraising campaigns. The platform even supports fundraising though the form of silent auctions, digital raffles and donation drives!



Frequently referred to as “The World’s #1 Personal Fundraising Website”, crowdfunding through JustGiving is suitable for anyone looking to raise money for their own project.



The PledgeCents crowdfunding platform aims to improve K-12 learning through community funding.



The online school fundraising platform is a simple way to raise money for school funds. Educators can build individual fundraisers or combine them to create original donor experiences. A flexible, no subscription fee platform that allows you to raise the money when you need it.


Are you looking for new STEM resources for your classroom? Robotical is loaning Marty the Robot to schools for no-obligation, two-week trials.