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Marty the Robot is an effective & fun STEM tool. But don’t just take our word for it! Hear from educators and kids who have experienced Marty’s magic for themselves.

Two students learning with Marty the Robot

“We always felt that there was something lacking for the younger kids. We wanted to introduce them to coding and robotics without the frustration of it ‘being too hard’ for them. The minute I brought Marty out of the box, the kids’ reaction was incredible. They were cheering, they loved it. I don’t think they had ever seen anything like it before.

Very easy to get started – we had it moving within 10 seconds out of the box.”

Chris Butt, Technology Teacher, Glenview Public School

“Marty has proven very beneficial when working with children with additional support needs. Marty has provided an opportunity to develop communication skills with these children as they are keen to share and communicate their thoughts and feelings with him. One boy in particular was very upset and couldn’t explain why to an adult. When I introduced him to Marty he was more than willing to explain everything to him. Many of the children with additional support needs treat Marty as a friend and part of the class.”

Kevin Kearney, Principal Teacher Additional Support Needs, Hareleeshill Primary

One to one teaching with Marty the Robot
St Mark’s Primary School Programming Marty

“In literacy, Marty was a great stimulus for imaginative and informative writing. We have children who tend to shy away from imaginative writing, but having a character that they can move and have perform their story was an excellent hook for those children. Some of the children in the class really struggled with knowing their left from right, and other directional language, however after 2 or 3 lessons with Marty that was a problem of the past!”

Colleen Lynch, Grade 4 Teacher, St Mark’s Primary School

“Playing and learning with Marty has been great fun, and it definitely has taught me a lot about engineering and computer programming which will help me in my future career. I definitely want to do engineering at university, and Marty has just made me more determined to make this happen. I have even taught Marty to feed my dog, so I’m wondering what other household chores he could help me with, maybe he could tidy my room or wash the dishes?!”

Iona, 15 years old

“I really enjoyed it and it was one of the best experiences of my life.”

Jack, 8 years old

Four students building Marty
GoCode Academy's Rushil Shah working with Marty

Marty has been a head turner with students!

He works really well across all of the age groups at GoCode. The younger kids love his human features and are able to use Scratch to get up and running with Marty quickly. For the older kids they’re able to explore coding in more detail by moving onto Python and see the physical connection between hardware and software.

Rushil Shah, COO at GoCode Academy


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