Robotical is actively looking for global Distributors who are interested in Marty, educational tech, electronics hobbyists, makers, engineering, and teaching people to code.

If you're interested in becoming a distributor, please contact

Current Distribtors


Canadian Classroom — Canada
ScienceSeeds — United States of America


B-Lab Inc. — Japan
Prister Corporation Limited. — Hong Kong
Lioncrest — Australia & New Zealand
The Wise Club — South Korea

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Amazon — UK, DE, FR
Camp Technologico — Spain
Easy Peasy Coding — Malta
Epsilon Development — Greece
Génération Robots SASU— France
Génération Robots Gmbh— Germany
Premier Farnell — United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland
RATO Education — Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
TeachTech — United Kingdom
XMA — United Kingdom