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HobbyKing HK15178 Servo Motor

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This small but mighty Analogue Servo Motor is put to use in Marty’s Eyes, Arms and Knees, but has a million and one potential uses.

Quick specs: Weight 13g, Torque 1.4kg/cm, Dimensions 32.5mm x 12mm x 26mm

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The servo comes in a bag containing the usual selection of servo horns. Note that these servos haven’t been zeroed (i.e. calibrated) so you’ll need to do that before putting them in a robot. You can zero a servo pretty easily with a Servo Tester, Arduino or even Rick.

Each Marty needs 5 of these motors.

These particular servos have a braided silicone cable instead of bonded PVC, making them more springy and also toy safe (though still don’t eat them!)

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