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Rick - Control Board

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Rick is a capable little microcontroller, and Marty’s brain. A Rick is included in every Marty kit, but we sell the little thing separately for those that want to 3D Print their own robots, or even put Rick to a different use!

Rick is WiFi Enabled, with UART/Serial, I2C 2 Cell Li-Po/Li-Ion 7.4v Battery Charger, and accelerometer and 9 current-sensed servo-motor channels and 8 GPIOs on board.


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We’ll include our custom 4-Pin JST to Battery & Barrel jack cable that’s used for power and charging, and the external switch cable. A 9v DC (Centre Positive) charger isn’t included, but you can get one from us here

Specs & Hardware On-Board:

Check out the Hardware Docs for further information and details on how to interface with Rick.



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