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The Marty Command Hub is a Raspberry Pi 3 pre-loaded and configured to run a WiFi hotspot and a ScratchX Server. It’s useful if you’re wanting to use Martys on the go, or in an education or enterprise environment where getting access to WiFi can be difficult.

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The Command Hub is essentially a Raspberry Pi 3 in a case set up to make using Marty, or Martys easier. You’ll need a USB power source like a phone charger with a USB Micro B connector on one end (the one used for most Android phones). Plug it into the Pi and it’ll start automagically™

There’s also a handy PDF Guide for using the Hotspot.

Please note that the supplied Mains to USB charger has interchangeable UK, EU, AUS and US type connectors only, those in the rest of the world will need an adaptor or may use another USB power source.

See our Command Hub RPi disk images for the most up-to-date operating system, though note that the command hub comes already pre-flashed with the latest image.

Case colour may vary between Grey (pictured) and White-Red.

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