School Multiclass Bundle of 50 Marty the Robot V2s + STEM Extras

£12,299.00 ex VAT

Marty the Robot V2 – The walking, dancing, coding companion!

The New Marty V2 makes learning about robotics and coding fun and engaging. Build your Marty, program in languages from simple blocks in Scratch to Python and beyond, learn about sensors, and expand your robot. We’ve got tutorials and activities for all skill levels freely accessible in our Learning Portal.

In addition to core Marty the Robot features, this pack of 50 robots also includes:

  • 10 Battery Charging docks, each with 5 slots
  • 50 spare Batteries
  • 10 Distance Sensors
  • 100 Infrared (IR) Obstacle Sensors
  • 50 Colour Sensors
  • Printed Educators Guide
  • Stickers to customise each robot
  • Coloured Coding Cards for Screen Free coding with the robots

£5.53 for every Marty the Robot sold in the UK will be donated to Magic Breakfast via Work for Good. £5.53 is the cost of providing a hungry child with a healthy breakfast and wraparound care for a month.

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