Order Statuses

Your order will change status as we process it and pack it up to be sent to you. We will also make an order if there was a problem with payment, or it was refunded to keep a record.

If you need further information on your order’s status, or more explanation on why it has a given status, please contact Support


If your order was tracked, this indicates that the courier has informed us of a successful delivery. If no tracking was included, this will occur after a nominal period of time as we have to assume it has been delivered. No news is good news?

  Held Back

This means your order included some items that were On Backorder, and so is waiting for these items to come back in stock before we can dispatch it. Once the items are available, your order will progress to Packing & Assembly.

If we have an estimated date for when your order will be shipped, or when items in your order are expected back in stock, it will be shown next to the item on your order page, in your account.

For example:

Item SKU Price Quantity Total
Marty the Robot (EXAMPLE) 1 £150.00 1 £150.00
Estimated December 2017 Like This
Royal Mail Shipping £6.00
1 £156.00

  Awaiting Packing

This means we’ve received your order, and payment was processed successfully. The order hasn’t yet been packed up by our shipping department.

  Packing & Assembly

Your order is being placed in a box and a pick-up is being scheduled with the courier. Because your order is being boxed up and might already have had shipping scheduled, we can no longer process refunds on request or cancellations for orders.

  In Transit

Your order has been picked up by the courier and has entered their network. At this stage, if your shipping method included tracking a tracking button will appear on your order in the account page.

  Encountered an Issue

Your order has encountered an issue, or is being held while we or the courier are trying to resolve the problem. We may need to contact you about the issue, and you can send an enquiry to support for further detailed information.

Normally, these issues are to do with shipping updates, such as the courier not getting an answer at the door, or a delay. Often the issue will clear without you or us needing to intervene.

Sometimes there can be more complex issues with orders that will require us to investigate further, in which case we may leave a note on your order with further information. If your order is in Encountered an Issue then feel free to ask support for an update. We might also need to contact you about an issue to solve it.


If we couldn’t process payment, your order will show as failed. No money has been taken from your account, and you’re free to retry or contact Support (using the link in the order)

Your cart won’t be cleared, and you can attempt to place the order again if you wish.

Why do you show failed orders in my account?

If an order you made failed to complete payment processing, it’ll still show up on your account’s order history. We keep and display these orders as a record of attempted transactions for both your records and ours.

The failed order will show some further information as to why the transacrion failed which can also help us debug and continuously improve our checkout experience.


Either you requested a refund, or your order was refunded by a member of staff.

  Something Else?

Rarely, your order might find itself in a queue not given above… Examples of other queues we’ve used before are Collection Scheduled and Deferred Shipping.