The thing about FAQs, is, well, we need to have been asked some questions, and frequently

We could guess at what questions you’ll have, but instead we’re going to kindly ask that you reach out to us - through Support (the little circular icon in the bottom right of your screen), or here or even at support@robotical.io or even on Twitter @RoboticalLtd!

We’ll come back here and fill it in as questions get asked and we answer 😊

Problems with Marty

How do I Bring the ‘Marty Setup’ WiFi Network Back?

You can press Bob the Button on the Rick Control Board, which should make a little “whoop” noise, and after a second or so you should be able to see the Marty Setup network on a phone or computer. This lets you change your Marty’s name or connect to a different network.

The Calibration Tool can’t find Marty

Thing to try are:

  1. Check you connected Marty to you network correctly - The Marty Setup hotspot shouldn’t be accessible
  2. Try both the Calibration Tool & the ESP Discovery Tool with your network’s particular IP address range, and see if one finds your Marty
  3. Log in to your router and see if Marty is shown on the list of connected devices. How to do this varies a lot between routers and network complexity
  4. MartyPy has a discovery function that uses a different discovery method to the above tools.

My Marty walks Backwards/Funny/Not at all!

Your legs are probably on backwards or flipped or haven’t been put together quite right - see Marty Build Guide / Legs and particularly note the Sanity Check image at the bottom.