Currencies and Exchange Rates  

We offer products in multiple currencies on our site. You can pick which one you’d like to place a purchase in, but there might be a couple of things you’d want to know first.

We price all of our products in British Pounds Sterling (£, GBP/UKL). The exchange rate between GBP and other currencies changes constantly, but we use ‘static’ exchange rates that are representative of the average rate. We’ll change the rates to keep them up-to-date from time to time, but can’t make any promises as to whether they’ll go up or down. These rates can also change at any time without warning, and we can add or remove currencies as we see necessary.

Often the mid-market-rate is what Google or some other conversion tool will show you. This is the average rate between people buying and selling. Also note that you will almost certainly get a different value by comparing the exchange rate your bank or card provider offers you to what we offer.

You can see the rates we’re using on your Account page when logged in, and update your preferred currency there, too.