Marty, the 3D-Printable Robot

If you have a 3D Printer then you can build your own Marty - a Kid, Maker & Educator friendly Humanoid Robot. If you want to modify Marty's hardware, change up the colour scheme, give Marty funky Disco Eyes or even use bits of Marty for other projects, 3D Printing is the way to go.

It takes 59 parts to build a 3D Printed Marty!

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The 3D Printable parts are slightly different from the injection moulded ones — this is because what works well in a printer won't neccessarily work well in a mould, and vice-versa.

We'd recommend that you use our Control Board Rick, so your 3D Printed Marty can be used from all of our different interfaces and take advantage of our built-in smarts — program from Scratch, Python, JavaScript and Raspberry Pi / ROS, and get Servo Damage Protection, WiFi and Battery Charging.

However, you can power your Marty however you choose — that is the beauty of open designs after all. We've used Adafruit's nifty PCA9685 I2C servo driver, plus a Raspberry Pi to do this, for example.

Creative Commons License

Our 3D Printing files for Marty are released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, so you're free to copy, redistribute, remix and build upon them!

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Upgrade Marty!

Marty is great as-is, but adding a Raspbery Pi, Camera, Distance Sensor or other add-ons opens up many interesting possibilities: autonomous football, face recognition, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), AprilTag tracking and whatever you can make ROS do!

We have a set of Add-Ons available in our shop, and guides on how to use them with Marty:

A Clever Little Robot

Marty is a proper Walking Robot with Legs & Feet — With 9 Servo Motors and a handful of built-in sensors, Marty has a much more interesting way of moving than just rolling around!

WiFi Connected
Program in Scratch
Program Marty in Python
9 Servo Motors
Motor Current Sensing
Detect Obstacles with Bump Switches
Raspberry Pi Compatible
Customise Marty with Stickers

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What is Marty?

Marty is a real robot designed to help teach coding to kids, for the price of a smart toy. Marty comes as a kit or pre-built, so you can either choose the fun of building a robot, or to just jump straight-in to playing and coding with your new walking robot companion.

Marty is Wi-Fi enabled and with nine individually controllable servo motors. You can use our app to remote control Marty, and add a bunch of sensors to react to the environment — Marty can walk, turn, dance, even kick a football!

A simple scratch program for Marty
Scratch is friendly and easy to use

You can program Marty using Scratch, a beginner friendly coding language, and then advance on to Python, Javascript and even ROS.

Marty is supported by fun and engaging online tutorials and a fast-growing and inquisitive community. Every Marty the Robot comes with a 2 year warranty, and we're always here to support and help.

Marty the Robot makes learning about coding, electronics, and engineering a fun, challenging and engaging process. Designed to be customisable robot with 3D printed parts, Marty is also completely upgradeable — you can even add a Raspberry Pi and a camera to Marty's head!

All packs include everything you need to build and program your very own Marty, including a screwdriver, rechargeable battery and USB charger.

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