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Whether you've never programmed before, you're a Scratch wizard, or even if you're a seasoned professional programmer looking to have fun - it's easy and fun to program Marty in Scratch.

Note: your Marty must be connected to your WiFi to program with Scratch. If you haven’t already done it, visit the WiFi setup guide.

First off, turn on your Marty and open up ScratchX:

When scratch loads, you’ll see a warning that looks like this:

That’s because scratchx is experimental, you can just click the green “I understand” button to continue.

Scratch uses Adobe Flash, so if you don’t see anything but the scratch homepage, make sure you’re using a web browser that supports Flash, and that Flash has permission to run.

Our Scratch extension will now scan for Martys.

Ad blockers sometimes get in the way of this, so if you’re having trouble finding your Marty try disabling your ad blocker

There’s a little coloured circle that shows you the connection status - as pointed out in the picture above. If it’s yellow then Scratch is trying to connect to a Marty.

If all goes well, after a few seconds the status indicator will turn green - that means it’s found a Marty. Yay!

If it can’t find a Marty, or it finds more than one, some extra options will pop up under the heading “Marty Selector” - like shown here:

That gives you the option to select which Marty to use, if it found more than one, or to select by IP address.

If the Scratch extension can’t find your Marty, make sure it’s turned on and connected to your WiFi.