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Next steps

Now, that the basics have been taken care of, the only limit is your imagination! With a Pi in Marty, you’ve unlocked a whole load of functionality!

See here for some technical documentation, and if you’re up for some more advanced stuff it, take a look at getting started with ROS.


If you’re lucky enough to have access to a 3D Printer, you can also find a nifty mouth mount for a RPi camera here at the bottom of the page (a bit weird, I know....)

Having a RaspberryPi in the head will also increase the current draw of your Robot, and therefore reduce the battery life. However, you can upgrade your battery - most hobby RC LiPo batteries (Two Cell, 7.4v, ~2C and higher) will work in Marty. If you are changing the battery from the one we supply, remember you’re assuming full responsibility for its safety, and that we can’t guarantee the on-board charger will work with it. Always follow the battery manufacturer’s advice and safety guidelines. See also Robotical Hardware Tech Specs

A Word of Warning

A general rule of thumb is that as things become more advanced, so too do the ways of “breaking” things within your Marty. Please excercise caution when changing system level stuff within your Pi, and when playing around with hardware! If all is lost, you can always re-flash a fresh image.