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Hey there! There’s a new, better version of the Setup, Calibration and Troubleshooting Guide now available here:

Get Started with Marty v2

Getting up and running

First things first, let’s make sure Marty is switched on!

Marty’s on/off switch is on the back, which is also where you can plug in your charging cable.

Power connection diagram for Rick

When Marty’s turned on, a white LED will light up, as shown above.


The supplied charging cable can be plugged into pretty much any USB port to provide power to charge your Marty. It’s quite a special cable as it increases the voltage from the USB’s 5v up to the 9v input that Marty needs to charge his battery.

When Marty is charging, you’ll see a blue glow from the left of the two holes in his base. When charging is complete, that light will turn off. Marty can be used while charging.

Next up:- Let’s get Marty onto your WiFi!