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Hey there! There’s a new, better version of the build guide now available here:

Marty Build Guide v2

Welcome to your Marty!

(Please note, this guide is written for use with the production Marty kit and not for use with the open-source 3D printed Marty build)

This Detailed Build Instructions guide should be used alongside the Build Instructions booklet, included within your Marty kit. If something is unclear in the simple Build Instructions, you should be able to find the extra help you need here.

Before you begin:

Study the Parts Guide (available online here) and check that you have everything.

Some parts look very similar but are slightly different. For example, the Leg Links and Servo Leg Links, and the Servo Holders and Servo Mounts.

Make sure you have the correct tools:

We’ve also got some recommendations from experience and also from other users (thanks mikeprotts, aritc and others):

  1. Clear your workspace before you begin. A clean towel or just the box Marty came in help stop little parts from falling on the floor and vanishing from existence.
  2. Have some sticky tape or blue tack (or any other generic moldable non-setting putty) to hand, which really helps keep nuts in place when you’re moving Marty around!

Also, we’ve thrown in some spares for the nuts & bolts, so if you end up with extras once you’ve finished, you haven’t missed a step!

Good luck!

And if you need help, check out the Forum or chat to us with the blue blob on the right! (Or contact support the traditional way…)