All singing and dancing Marty

I want to add a buzzer module to my Marty, so it can play a few tunes using Python, and react to events with a robotic melody from time to time. The YL-44 seems to have a built-in resistor. Would it be safe in terms of GPIO output to connect this direct to the three GPIO pins on the Marty? This Marty also has a Pi-zero - would that be a better option for the connection? I haven't yet seen a data sheet for the module but there is some information at : . What do you think?

OK, just to update this...The buzzer operates on <30mA and has an onboard 1K resistance. I have connected the signal lead to pin 12(BCM 18)on the Pi-Zero, with V to Pin 1 and Ground to Pin 14. It does sound a bit like a bee in a biscuit tin, but louder than the onboard buzzer on the Rick. And by sending each value with a defined duration, and pauses between, it's almost musical.


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The docs are here:

The GPIO pins specs would be from the processor (STM32F446RE) data sheet:


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