Can't SSH to Raspberry Pi?

Every time i try to connect to the raspberry pi (has the marty RPi image on it) via "SSH pi@marty.local" I get a "could not resolve hostname...Name or service not found" error. Help!


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...or if you are happy to download some new stuff onto your laptop, you can: 1) download AngryIP and run it looking at either to or to to (on may be different on your home network - AngryIP will probably pick the right network range. The marty should show up as Espressif in the MAC Vendor column and the PI may show up as Raspberry Pi Foundation. You may need to run AngryIP twice before it picks them up. Or 2) You can download VNC Viewer to your laptop and then on your laptop tell your laptop to connect to You may, or may not, need the 5901 port number to connect using VNC. It works for me, though. VNC is really good, with the Robotical Pi image, because you can get straight into the Pi3 graphical interface from your laptop. Hope it works for you. Richard J.

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I suspect your network doesn't give the same domain info.

You may need to get the IP address of the Pi from your router, so if that was you sould need:

ssh pi@

or if Windows then probably: ssh pi@

or just start putty and use as the host and pi as the user name.


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