Battery life

Hi, I just wanted to know how long the battery would last for IF MARTY was powered up (full charged) ; and was walking backward and forwards say 1 or 2 steps. This will tell me how long I would need to re-charge the battery.


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sandy STAFF

Hey there,

The other day we did a test with Marty walking continuously in a circle, and we got 2 hours and 5 minutes of pretty much constant walking from a fully charged battery. Fairly happy with that

Marty also accidentally fell off the table so we had an unintended drop test too, but it was ok!


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23parislau OP

Thanks. The reason why I asked is that if I am to show case Marty at say the Science Fair I just wanted to know when he will run out of steam. Is it possible to leave the charger cable in Marty while he is walking around? will this charge the battery?. This assumes the power charger cable is flexible and long enough to be taken by Marty whilst he walks etc..

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sandy STAFF


We estimate that Marty should last 1-2 hours when moving around - although it depends a lot on exactly how much movement is happening!

Tomorrow we will set a Marty walking constantly with a fully charged battery and see how long it lasts - stay tuned!


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