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Hi, I'm preparing for the School Science show in Melbourne, Australia and I would love to show case Marty by using SCRATCH programming - this would be very different and the kids (5-9 year old would really love it). so my 2 objectives 1) show case what SCRATCH programming can do and how it can relate to the real world (i.e. MARTY) 2) software development / problem solving isn't that hard and is something that we all need to do ...

I would like to hear of other people's ideas on what they would show case by using MARTY.


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sandy STAFF

Hi richard,

I had a quick play with stepping this evening - walking forwards and backwards normally it's possible to go up fairly small steps, but I think I actually had best results with side stepping

Here's a quick vid:

Marty Step Test

Still some work to be done on getting back down, I feel...

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I think it would be amazing to see Marty walk up a step. I don't know if it is possible though. Maybe 12mm high and quite wide to allow for some turning on the hips. If anyone does this without breaking the servos I'd be interested to see the code.

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sandy STAFF

Hi there!

Fantastic to hear you want to show off Marty!

We've done a few fun things in Scratch -

Another fun thing we do sometimes is to get people to make their own dance routine, and then you can do a dance off

We're also about to run a competition locally where we'll be challenging students to get Marty to solve a mini obstacle course, using bump switches and tilt sensing, but also encouraging the students to make their own movements for Marty. We'll be reporting more on that as we run the competition!


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