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Congratulations and thank you all for this nice Marty!

I am writing to ask you to update the STL files to the production ones. The downloadable version is really an old one: 0.1.




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angus STAFF

@rhirata We've just posted them

16:13:48, 20th October 2017   |   Permalink   |   View Source
rhirata OP

Thank you again for the response. I was not aware of this molded vs. printed parts difference. I will follow your hints and start printing Marty from the legs :-)

Best wishes,


12:35:50, 01st August 2017   |   Permalink   |   View Source
sandy STAFF

Hi rhirata,

You could make a start printing the legs out - they won't be changing much with the new release. I'll be making an alternative version of the twist shaft part that's a bit looser, as on some printers they come out quite tight. For the other joints, they're designed to be a little tight and be finished with a drill, as that tends to give a better surface and more precise bore (if you really want to you can drill and ream ;-P )

The head and arm parts are the bigger change - but we can't just export the injection moulded ones as they have lots of wacky draft angles that don't print out too well. I will try and find time to adjust them this weekend, but things are super super busy at the moment


11:52:27, 01st August 2017   |   Permalink   |   View Source
rhirata OP

Thank you for your ultra fast response. I need the STL files to print a bunch of Martys to a discipline I am going to teach. Can you give me a time estimate so I have time to go for a plan B?

17:44:52, 31st July 2017   |   Permalink   |   View Source
angus STAFF

Hey Roberto!

Yeah, we're planning on it ASAP... We are pretty flat out with stuff at the moment, we'll also need to get the 3D Printable files up to speed with the new-generation code etc. I can't really promise when, but it's on the ToDo list



17:38:47, 31st July 2017   |   Permalink   |   View Source